Monday, August 31, 2009

Cross Border Challenge

September 12/09. The Cross Border Challenge will be held at WSF. Anybody interested in participating in this year's Fall Challenge please contact me. We are looking for players of all skill levels. Females are welcome. This is a social event so you must be 19 years of age to participate

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Squash Tip

Take some lessons so you practice effectively. Unfortunately, practice does not make perfect. In squash, as in many disciplines, perfect practice makes perfect. Therefore, you must take some lessons so that you learn what to practice, and how. M.Joint

Friday, August 28, 2009

Die Hard Week 6 Summary - B League

Rino Marcon continues to knock off all comers in B1B. This week Marcon took down the veteran Jim Oakley by the score of 3 games to 1. At this rate Marcon will be playing on Monday nights very soon. Although Josh Pinese says that Marcon still must play him to reach Mondays first. Kelly Zlotnik pushed Bruce “Soft Hands” Jean to the limits this week in a hard fought five game match. Zlotnik has been knocking on the door a couple of times now for her 1st victory. I have a feeling that her big breakthrough will come in the playoffs. Don’t be over looking her

Die Hard Week 6 Summary - A League

Jeff Saddy is cleaning house in A4. Saddy has won all three of his matches in the 2nd half of the league by the score of 3 games to none. If Saddy continues his strong play he will easily win A4 and it is just a matter who is going to finish 2nd.
"Rocket" Roddy Larson renewed his rivalry with his nemesis Mitch Kosovitch this week. As their matches in the past, Larson tried to push for long rallies hoping to wear down Kosovitch. Despite Larson’s tactics, Kosovitch proved to be a tough foe and forced the match to five games before falling victim to the Larson’s long rallies.
Paul “Don’t Call Me Sinbad” Gebrael seemed to be running away from the competition in A2B with 2 matches of 3 games to 0 wins. But in his third match against Amir Lebherz the train came off the track for Gebrael as he was defeated 3-0 in a hard played match. Despite this loss Gebreal’s is only getting better.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Squash Tip

Find time to practice as well as play. It is only by hitting the same shot again and again that you can master the shot. Hitting the shot many times in a row can help you ‘groove’ in the shot, and gain the ‘muscle memory’ needed to hit the shot well during an actual game. - J.Power

Friday, August 21, 2009

Die Hard Week 5 Summary - B League

Bruce “Soft Hands” Jean quietly defeated James Konrad 3-1. Jean was determined not to allow himself fall behind in the league standings after a being defeated last week by Jason Delavrier. Meanwhile Delavrier is laying waste to all the competition in B2A. Delavrier is determined to win the league but his new job might throw a wrench into his training schedule.

Phil Fernandes showed the newcomer to B1 Brad Brazier that he still has some things to learn. Although Fernandes is playing well, his days may be numbered as Amanda Sjoberg is closing the gap between the two of them.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Die Hard Week 5 Summary - A League

Andrew Caille fell victim to overconfidence as he built two to zero games lead over Anis Khan. Khan battled back to force the fifth game. In the fifth game Caille again showed too much over confidence as he built 6 – 1 lead before Khan came back to steal victory from him.
Rudy “The Energizer Battery” Wey again showed that he is too tough to out work. Winning 3-1. Mark Little tried to wear down Wey last night with long rallies but failed to put the final blow. Wey showed the younger Little that he still has some juice in the tank.
Peter Ryan bounced back nicely this week after a tough loss last week to Maresq Child. This week Ryan took out his frustration on the young gun Stefan Houbtchev by winning 3-2. Although Houbtchev “claims” that loss was attributed to his Ipod was not updated with the latest music.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Trinity College

Trinity College has won another National Championship. If you’re not familiar with Trinity College they are a little university in Hartford, Conn. Their squash team has the longest winning streak in NCAA History and they just won their record straight 11 national championships. The streak has become so big that ESPN's SportsCenter did a story on them. Click on the link below to get the full story.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Upcoming Events

Fall Junior Squash -Sept 26-27/09

Fall Squash League - Sept 28/09 - Sign Up Deadline -Sept 21/09

Fall Doubles Squash League - TBD

Fall Down Classic - Nov 6-8/09

Die Hard Week 4 Summary - A League

Barry Leavitt continues to put up a good fight in his league matches despite the fact that he suffers from a chronic back problem that affects his mobility on the court. On Monday he pushed his arch rival Mike Wilbur to the limits by forcing the match to a fifth game before Mike pulled out the victory. Watch out for Barry he is going to be a factor in the 2nd half of the league.
Justin Warnock's off season training seem to be paying off. Monday night he was back in action against Al Valente. Once Warnock dusted off the rust he proved that he has not lost a step and beat Valente in five games. The California Squash Circuit seems to have reinvented his game.
Dr. Mark Lackorzinski is out to show all the young guns in A3 that he is the man to beat. Lackorzinski made easy work of Prab Agawalla by winning 3-1. Although Mark will have his hands full next week against Marv Lumley.

Die Hard Week 4 Summary - B League

James Konrad and Jason Delravier met again in league play on Tuesday. A strong rivalry is developing between these two raising stars. Delravier prove to be the stronger of two on Tuesday by winning in the fifth game. Although Konrad says he is saving his best for the playoffs.
Mike Tomkins is out to show all the young guys in B1 that he is the man to beat as he defeated Phil Fernandes 3-1 on Tuesday. Despite this Dave Porter and Brad Brazier are licking their chops to get their chance at Tompkins. Tompkins will have his hands full next week with the wily veteran Peter Wares.