Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010 Tony Tomicic Challenge

The 7th Annual Tony Tomicic Challenge.

This year’s event drew 106 squash players competing in 8 divisions and playing in over 200 matches. Players came from Detroit, London, Birmingham, Toledo, Toronto and Moncton, New Brunswick.

The level of play in the tournament was maybe the best that we had ever seen at WSF. The matches were simply amazing and the competition was very intense. Nobody wanted to be on the losing end of a match.

Mick Joint our good friend from the Detroit Athletic Club easily defeated everyone in the Open Division. Joint proved to be at a level above everyone else as he cruised through the competition and won the finals in dominating fashion. Throughout the whole tournament Joint never lost a game. Joint better hope that his DAC boys play as well as he did in the upcoming Cross Border Challenge on April 17/10. WSF has won 7 straight times!!!!!! But who is counting?

Dan Van Morsel finally let his squash game do the talking and not his mouth. With his coach in his corner (Wayne Carroll) Van Morsel played unstoppable squash and fought his way into the A Division finals. Although in the finals Van Morsel’s coach was noticeably absent and so was Van Morsel’s solid play. As a result Bruce Burrowes of London made quick work of Van Morsel beating him 3-0.

Team Bear Paw (Barry Leavitt/ Paul Gebrael) lived up to the hype. They are like a well oiled machine. Leavitt has mentored Gebrael beautifully as Gebrael has learned to control his emotions on the doubles court. As a result they cruised to the finals to face their nemesis’ Mike “Muscle Shirt” Wilbur and Syd “Right Wall” Strom. The B Doubles Finals proved to be everything that was anticipated. The finals were a hard fought five gamer that could have gone either way. In the end Leavitt and Gebrael pulled off the victory. As in the Fall Down Classic the paramedics were called again to help Gebrael from the court because his head could not fit though the door way.

Thank You to Everyone Who Participated in This Year’s Event and a Big Thanks To All Our Sponsors who made this tournament possible.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MSRA Skills Tourney Results

MSRA Skills Tourney Results - March 4 - 7/10
4.5 Division was a hotly contested draw, Dave Guthrie played almost a flawless semi final to take out fellow Canadian Paul Gebrael 3-0 who to his credit forced Dave to play at his best. The other semi was a five game marathon between Greg Deeg and Jason Heywood. In what came down to a battle of fitness with some great extended rallies created by Greg's incredible shot making and Jason's relentless retrieving, Jason took the fifth 9-7. In the final Jason picked up where he left off in the semi winning 3-0 in a match where the game score does not reflect just how well Dave played in three very close and exciting games.

5.0 Division -Ricardo Ramos looked unbeatable in the round robin match's winning all three of his. John Kundrot did extend Ricardo to five games in their round robin match. In the Saturday match's, Andrew Caille had to win against John to advance into the final. The match see sawed back and forth with Andrew prevailing in five when John's gas tank ran dry. This set up a final between Andrew and Ricardo, Ricardo confident since he had won their round robin match 3-0. Andrew, motivated by his Saturday win over John, was looking for redemption. In a marathon of a final lasting well over an hour, a battle royal that neither player could take control of, came down to the fifth and deciding game. The score never got more than a couple of points apart eventually getting to 7-6 in Andrew's favor. There were five handouts played, ten points, before Andrew took the point to get to match ball. Couple more handouts before Ricardo gets to a point to draw to 7-8, again several more handouts before Andrew scored a point to win the fifth 9-7. This has to rank up with the best of all the MSRA finals played the last several years. Congratulations to both Ricardo and Andrew for providing such an exciting final.

Article Courtesy Of Phil Blagdurn.

Need A Place to Stay For the Tony Tomicic Challenge?

The Marquis Plaza Hotel is offering Special Rates for all Squash Players Attending the Tony Tomicic Challenge from out of town.
The Marquis Plaza Hotel is conveniently located on the Corner of Ouellette and Eugenie St which is just minutes from Windsor Squash And Fitness Club.
The Marquis Plaza has been kind enough to book rooms to advance for all players participating in the Tony Tomicic Challenge
You can book your rooms online at http://www.marquisplazahotel.com/

If you have any questions please contact me or George Chifor, General Manager, Marquis Plaza Hotel
Tel. (519) 966-1860
Fax (519) 966-6619

Friday, March 5, 2010

B League Summary - Week 6

"B" Squash League - Week 6

16 Matches Schedule and 7 Matches Played = 43% Played On Time.

Team Points:

Team #3 =159pts - Team Leader (Barry Garant 26pts)
Team #5 = 116pts - Team Leader (Paul Tonon 23pts)
Team #4 = 108pts - Team Leader (Gino Longo 17pts)
Team #2 = 101pts - Team Leader (Rino Marcon 19pts)
Team #1 = 100pts - Team Leader (Varoujan Arman 25pts)

A League Summary - Week 6

"A" Squash League - Week 6

24 Matches Schedule and 9 Matches Played = 37% Played On Time.

Team Points:

Team #6 =234pts - Team Leader (Prab Agawalla 38pts)
G - Unit = 233pts - Team Leader (Dan Van Moorsel 37pts)
Team #3 = 225pts - Team Leader (Tim Majocha 30pts)
Team #4 = 218pts - Team Leader (Justin Warnock 30pts)
Team #5 = 209pts - Team Leader (Paul -Sinbad-Watch Me on Celebrity Apprentice-Gebrael 30pts)
Team #6 = 181pts - Team Leader (Ron Funkenhasuer 36pts)