Sunday, February 17, 2019

What a Weekend!

   What a weekend for Windsor's Juniors!  First, Amin Khan travelled all the way to British Columbia to compete in the Jesters Pacific Northwest Junior Championships.  This tournament was a CORE event, which means points earned at this event go towards your rankings to play for Team Canada.  Amin has won 2 of the 4 CORE events this year.  Well done Amin!
     Then we move on to London, Ontario where the Jesters Harrow Junior Silver was taking place at London Squash Club.  16 of our juniors made there way up the 401 to compete in this event.  Maisie Williams won the Girl's U11 division in a dominating fashion.  She obviously takes after Victoria.  Congratulations Maisie!  Gabe VanMorsel (kind of from Windsor), went on to win the Boy's U15 draw.  Dylan Charles continued solid play by placing 3rd in that same division.  Congratulations to everyone that participated in this event!.  The draws for this event can be found here.