Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall Cross Border Challenge

The Cross Border Challenge is Saturday September 17/11 at the Detroit Athletic Club. We won the challenge last time and I would like to keep the streak going. The DAC Guys are always gracious to us and feed us with plenty of beer. We are looking for players of all skill levels. Females are welcome. This is a social event so you must be 19 years of age to participate. Anybody interested in participating in this year's Fall Challenge please contact me dguthrie@windsorsquash.ca.

This is the what we are playing for!!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

2011 Fall Squash League

I hate to say it but it is getting close to the end of the summer and kids will be returning to school. So it is time to start thinking about returning to the Squash Court. What better way than joining the Fall Squash League. The Fall League will be starting on September 19. Deadline to sign up is September 15. So Dust off the racquet and get ready to play. I hope to see everyone back on the court.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

2011 Battle of the Border Results

Over the Weekend, Stefan Houbtchev of WSF played for Team Ontario in the Battle of The Border at White Oaks in Niagara Falls. The Battle of the Border is an annual event between the top juniors in Ontario against the top juniors in the United States. Each side fields teams of 24 – 4 boys and 4 girls under 13, under 15, under 17. This year the United States prevailed 16 - 8 over Team Ontario. Despite this the matches were tough and very competitive. Good Job Stefan.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Look For Squash Canada

OTTAWA (ON) – Squash Canada Executive Director, Danny Da Costa, announced today the unveiling of Squash Canada’s new corporate identity.
Its centrepiece is a new logo that features a stylized maple leaf embedded with a squash racquet. The maple leaf, which symbolizes national pride, has a flame shape to show competitive excellence.
Da Costa says that the rebranding of Squash Canada will better represent the significant role the organization plays in the growth and promotion of the sport of squash. “It is imperative to build a strong brand, which is easily recognizable and marketable to our stakeholders across Canada”, he says.
“When we reviewed the history of our Squash Canada logos over the past 60 years, it became apparent that two features stood out over time: The Maple Leaf and the Squash Racquet. With our logo redesign, we felt the importance of preserving our rich history as we embrace excellence by including these two long lasting features.”
The logo was designed by Ottawa-based ACART Communications, a Social Issues Marketing agency whose experience includes branding assignments for many association, not-for-profits and NGO clients, as well as Sports and Entertainment organizations such as The Ottawa Senators, The Ottawa 67’s and Calypso Theme Waterpark. “We chose to work with ACART because they were very experienced working with non-profit organizations, and have very strong ties to sports marketing and branding projects,” said Da Costa.
The rebrand includes a new Squash Canada website (www.squash.ca) which is expected to launch prior to the upcoming competitive squash season and will feature enhanced content and better navigation and search capabilities, as well as greater exposure and visibility for partners, athletes, coaches and officials. Squash Canada also plans to embrace social media with greater use of media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
Squash Canada is working with National Team clothing provider and National Rankings sponsor Harrow Sports on a line of Squash Canada branded products including three different racquets and various clothing items. (The current line can be viewed at http://harrowsports.com/TeamStore.asp?TeamStoreID=79)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Playing Squash At Sea!!!

In a groundbreaking innovation made possible by ASB, the world leader in glass squash courts and AIDA, the German cruise company, squash is reaching new frontiers by taking to the high seas.

In future squash enthusiasts will be able to pursue their favourite hobby while crossing the ocean on a modern cruise liner.Currently undertaking her maiden voyage after a spectacular launch ceremony in Hamburg, the AIDAdiva set sail with a permanent all-glass, open-air court installed on her top deck, just behind the funnels.With all parts specially designed for sea-worthiness, the court, which features ASB's groundbreaking glass floor, offers spectacular views of the other sports facilities of the liner, as well as the ocean, the sky, and any passing landmarks.The anti-skid floor, mounted on a sprung aluminium base, is just one aspect of the newly developed court. The large wall panels are made of safety glass and are elastically fixed to a newly-developed supporting frame, designed to cope with the extra demands places on the court by life on the high seas.

Oddly enough this is not the 1st Time that a Squash Court was built on a cruise ship. The Titanic which made it's maiden voyage in 1912 had a Squash Court as well. Unfortunately we all know how that turned out.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Inflatable Squash Court

A couple of weeks ago I posted a story about Steven Polli and his outdoor squash court. Well Phillip Romm of Germany has taking it one step further with his Inflatable Squash Court. Romm has created a new mobile solution for squash with the AirSquash Court, a four-wall squash court with inflatable frame and extra layers on the inside wall, which are tensioned and form a flat surface. The AirSquash Court can be placed on any flat and solid surface and fits into every estate car boot. The construction of the court takes less than five minutes and can be handled by two people. A specially designed Softball is used in order to achieve good rebound results off the front and side walls.The AirSquash Court offers an inflatable four-wall frame with around 65% of the original court dimensions - 6 meters length (inside), 4 meters width (inside),3 meters height (front wall),2.20 meters height (back wall) (original height) and three highly tensioned layers on the inside front and side walls. There is no floor integrated, so you make use of the subsurface you put the court on. Gym floors may provide perfect conditions but any surface that is clean and even proves suitable. A constantly blowing air fan supplies the court with the necessary pressure.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Squash and Revolution in Egypt

Of the top fifteen men players in the world, seven are Egyptian. The country has emerged as a squash powerhouse in the past decade. This is a result of the sport having an influential booster: deposed president Hosni Mubarak. Mubarak was a strong supporter in developing the game during his 30 years as President. Many Egyptians squash players have acquired great wealth as players but were more than happy to see Mubarak deposed as president. Check Out this Interesting Article and See why these players had such conflicting views http://www.middle-east-online.com/english/?id=47423