Active Schools

The Active Schools Program

The Active Schools Program, it is about promoting physical fitness to school age children. The statistics of physical inactivity among school age children are staggering:
-57% of Canadians aged 5-17 yrs are not active enough to meet international guidelines for optimal growth and development. (Canadian Fitness and Lifestyles Research Institute (2001))
- Children are up to 40% less active than they were 30 years ago. (Ontario Medical Association, 1992)
-The prevalence of overweight boys and girls in Canada has increased by 92% and 57% respectively in the past 15 years. (Heart Health Coalition (1997))

Physical Fitness makes for smarter students!
Children who participate in regular physical fitness display:
- Academic performances equal to or better than those receiving more academic curriculum time and less physical education.(The Vanves Experiment in Education (1972))
- More positive attitudes about school, physical activity, and themselves which lead to improved attendance and reduced drop-out rates.
- A more positive school climate. Children are less aggressive and experience fewer discipline problems. (Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute (1993)

Our goal like yours is to educate youth – we focus on giving them a healthy start to a lifetime of activity

How Does The Program Work?

The 1st Step of the Program:
The Active Schools Team would pay a visit to your school during a normal gym period. Windsor Squash and Fitness Club’s squash pro Graeme Williams would instruct the students in the basic skills needed to play the game of squash.
Windsor Squash and Fitness Club provides all of the necessary equipment (racquets, balls, safety glasses and pylons) and this year there will be a cost of only $2.00 per student when the Active Schools Team visits your school. This part of the program prepares the students with a better understanding for the 2nd part of the program when the class takes a field trip to Windsor Squash and Fitness Club at a later date.

Squash is a game that is easy to learn and fun to play! It is an exciting combination of cardiovascular, strength, flexibility and endurance training. Ranked by Forbes Magazine in 2003 the healthiest sport to play.

The 2nd Step of the Program:
School makes a class field trip to Windsor Squash and Fitness Club. When the students come to Windsor Squash, they will have the opportunity to play squash on the squash courts, as well as, experience two other different physical fitness classes. Other physical fitness classes can be spin, stability ball, core training, yoga and aerobic exercises. These classes tailored to the needs of the students.

The program runs a full morning from about 9:00am to 11:30am roughly. All classes are done by certified personal trainers.  In addition, fruit and refreshments are provided. This part of the program costs $6.50 per student. The target age for this program is Grade 1 to Grade 12.

For more information and pictures depicting the program please visit or contact Dave Morrish