Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nash Cup Results

     On the weekend of September 23rd, a number of WSF members forged up the 401 to compete in the 2012 Nash Cup.  This event is held at the London Squash Racquets Club and is a combined $10 000 PSA event and amateur event.  A visit to the London Club should be on every Squash enthusiasts to do list.  It is a freshly renovated facility with some of the most hospitable members around. 
     We're happy to report that not only did we have a good crew travel to this event, but we also have some fantastic results to report.  The top honours of the weekend went to Sarah Khan who, even as a junior, left her mark on the Ladies D division.  Sarah handidly beat all opponents to finish 1st in that category.  Her brother, Amin, also had a great weekend, finishing 1st among the consolation division of the Men's D.
In other divisions, Micayla Khan had a strong performance in the Women's B, eventually losing a close match in the quarter finals.  David Mill had a notable performance, with a respectable loss to London's past Club Champion in Rob Doherty. And Doug Fields showed good grace by losing to Jay Nash, the event's title sponsor, in the quarter finals.

     Our own Graeme Williams, competed for the first time since arriving in Canada. Graeme showed that he may be a little older than the young Western players, but that he is not to be under-estimated.  Graeme had a hard fought win agains Justin Vanderleest, who had previously finished in the top 10 in Canada, in the early rounds.  After a hard fought 5 gamer, Graeme made quicker work of his semi-final opponent, before defeating University of Western's Adrian Ostbye in the final. 

     Great job to all who competed.  The next regional event will be held right here in Windsor, when we host the Fall Down Classic on the weekend of November 2nd.

Monday, October 1, 2012

World Squash Day - Back the Bid!!

Back The Bid!!
Support World Squash Day at Windsor Squash and Fitness.
On October the 20th we will be doing our best to support the bid for squash's inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games. We will be promoting the sport by opening our doors
 to any junior who wishes to try the sport. Between 9am and 11.30am there will be the chance to join in with our current juniors who will help teach the sport for the day. At 1pm we will have a free tasters session for any adults wishing to try this great sport followed by the official 20/20 match between 20 of our members and 20 London Squash Club members. 

We will be asking for a match fee of 10 dollars to cover the cost of hosting our visitors and food and drink will be provided!

Please visit http://worldsquashday.com/ for more information about the concept.

If you are interested in any of the above please email squash@windsorsquash.ca

Sunday, September 30, 2012

UK Racketball at Windsor Squash & Fitness

This Saturday saw the first drop in session of this exciting new sport take place at Windsor Squash and Fitness.  

Its is a mix of North American Raquetball and Squash played on an international size squash court.  It has all the health benefits of squash but is easier to learn and not as demanding on joints so suits those who may have had to stop playing squash previously because of injury.

With leagues starting mid October why not come along next Saturday before the Thanksgiving Festivities and have a go at this great new sport.  Email squash@windsorsquash.ca for more details.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Squash World Champion was on Titanic

Sunday marks 100th anniversary of ship's sinking

1,514 people out of 2,224 on board lost their lives when the Titanic went down on April 15, 1912.

England's 23-year-old Charles Williams was squash's world champion in April 1912 and was on his way to New York to defend his title in a match against a Mr G. Standing, the American Champion, for a stake of a $5,000 purse.
Charles Williams
Charles Eugene Williams
Williams, a professional squash player, had been practicing in the on-board squash court and had just gone for a cigarette when the ship hit the iceberg.
He rushed out onto the deck and witnessed the iceberg towering over the ship. He survived after subsequently leaping off the side of the ship and making it to one of the lifeboats.
Williams, who was traveling on a second class ticket, told reporters later that he had left the squash court at 10:30 pm on the fateful night and gone to the smoking room. It was while he was there, having a post-game cigarette, that he heard and felt a crash and rushed outside to see the iceberg towering 100 feet above the deck.
He reportedly jumped into a lifeboat from the starboard side and ended up aboard the rescue ship Carpathia, which took him and 704 other survivors to New York. The scheduled squash match was not played.
Williams lived until October 27,1935 when he passed away in Chicago, where he lived on Lakewood Avenue.
williams wire
This Blog posting is courtesy of www.ProSquashTour.net

Out of Passion for the Sport, the Maple City Squash Club is Born

Sometimes the only way to achieve a dream, is to build it from the ground up yourself. That’s the model Chatham’s Dan Van Moorsel followed when he set out to create the Maple City Squash Club.

With the last of Chatham-Kent’s squash courts gone following the closure of the old YMCA, Van Moorsel set out on a quest to not only construct a new, state-of-the-art facility in Chatham, which is nearing completion, but also to build a strong local squash community.

Projected to open in late May, Van Moorsel already has 80 members registered for the new club, which is located at 36 Hart Place on Chatham’s Southeast side.

“I’ve played squash my whole life,” Van Moorsel explained about his reasoning for starting this project. “My kids have enjoyed it when we were at The Wheels or the YMCA. I miss it now that we don’t have it and there are 80 people right now that want it. That was the idea behind building it.”

For Van Moorsel, it wasn’t just about his past competitive experience or his family, it was about building healthy opportunities for Chatham-Kent youth,

“At the end of the day, Chatham seems to be a real team place. If you don’t want to play hockey, or baseball or one of those sports, what is your alternative? I think so many kids go to University and are lost for a sport. Not everyone wants to just run on a tredmill. When kids get there, a lot of kids pick up a racquet. So if I can teach them now, or at least show them and familiarize them with the game, when they go away to University or College they will know the game, and have something there instead of just wasting their time away.”

Membership at the facility will cost only $55 per month, with 24-hour key card access for users. Van Moorsel expects the facility to be able to accommodate 120-130 members, which he is well on the way to reaching with 80 committed members over a month before the facility is scheduled to open.

The Maple City Squash Club, which will feature two courts, a lounge area, mens and womens change rooms, and a fitness area, was built with Van Moorsel’s own sweat, money, and passion. His love for squash, and teaching the sport to others are obvious, and soon, he hopes this enthusiasm for squash will be spreading across Chatham-Kent.

“It’s just passion, I just love it. There has got to be something you love and I love squash. I have a real passion for teaching kids, and making sure they know this option is here, and that they have a chance to play squash.”

For more details, feel free to email maplecitysq@hotmail.ca or visit the Maple City Squash Club on Facebook.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

2012 Morris Group Canadian National Squash championships

Registration deadline approaching!

This year the Open and A will begin on the Wednesday and all other divisions will begin on the thursday. The Open and A divisions will end on the Saturday night followed by the banquet and dance. On Sunday morning all other events will enjoy the finals!

This allows for less day's off of work or school for most participants.

The event also has a companion event for the B and C divisions!

Hope to see you at the event.

Event info:

Host Club
The Club at White Oaks
White Oaks Conference Resort and Spa
253 Taylor Road, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario

Men's and Women's Open, A, 30+, 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+, 55+, 60+, 65+, 70+, 75+, along with Men's and Women's B & C Companion Events

How to Enter
Online registration only
Click here to register.

Entry Fee
$135.00 plus HST

Entry Deadline
April 11th, midnight EST

Entry Package
Wheeled Duffle carry-on bag
Tournament shirt
2 buffet meals
Friday night Keg, Wine, and Pizza Party
Saturday night Banquet and Party
Free entry to all Open matches (seating on first come basis)

Prize Money
$10,000 (Open Event)

Playing Schedule
Wednesday, May 2nd - Men's and Women's Open, Men's and Women's A
Thursday, May 3rd - All Master's divisions (all day)
Thursday, May 3rd - Companion Events (2:00pm)
Saturday, May 5th - Men's and Women's Open Finals
Sunday, May 6th - All other Finals

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tony Tomicic Challenge 2012 Draw Sheets

Hi Everyone

I am please to present to you the Draws for the 2012 Tony Tomicic Challenge. Good Luck to everyone and I look forward seeing everyone this weekend.

If you are have a hard time reading the draw they are also posted at :

Please Click on Pictures to Enlarge.
Open Draw

A Draw

B Draw

C Draw

D Draw

40+ Draw

A Doubles Draw

B Doubles Draw

Thursday, March 15, 2012

2012 Spring Squash League

Starts: April 23/12

8 Weeks of League Play - Plus 2 Weeks of Playoffs

8 Player per Division

Top 4 Players Per Division Make Playoffs

Pizza Night - Prizes For League Winners

Divisions For Players of All Skill Levels

Deadline To Sign Up April 20/12

Cost: Gold Members $30 Non Gold Members $85

Non Members $140

Contact: 519-966-2142 or David Guthrie dguthrie@windsorsquash.ca

Monday, March 5, 2012

Registration Now Open for 2012 National Championships

Are you ready to claim a National Title?

Registration is now open for most of our remaining National Championships, including the 100th edition of our Canadian Squash Championships, which will be held at The Club at White Oaks in Niagara on the Lake, May 2-6, 2012.

Click on the event name below to take you to the event website, which will provide all of the need to know information. Links to our online registration form can be found below, and on the event sites. Make sure you are reading the entry form carefully to ensure you are registering for the correct event and category.

We look forward to seeing you at our National Championships! Best of luck to all competitors!

Stabren Holdings 2012 Canadian Mixed Doubles Squash Championships
Registration for this event has now closed. Good luck to all of our competitors!

Intact Insurance Canadian University/College Championships 2012
Registration for this event has now closed. Good luck to all of our competitors!

2012 Canadian Doubles Championships

The Morris Group 2012 Canadian Squash Championships - 100th Edition

2012 Canadian Junior Squash Championships

Monday, February 20, 2012

Tony Tomicic Challenge 2012

March 23 - 25 - 2012

Events: Open, A, B, C, D, 40+, 50+

Doubles: A, B and Mixed

Players May Compete 2 Divisions Maximum

Entry Fee:$65.oo

Student Fee: $45.00

Friday Night Pizza

Dinner Saturday Night

"Kill The Keg" Friday and Saturday

Continental Breakfast - Saturday and Sunday

Par 11

Cash Prize for Open Division

Prizes for All Other Divisions

Tournament Chairpersons:

Brian Porter bporter@windsorsquash.ca and David Guthrie dguthrie@windsorsquash.ca

(519- 966-2141)

Payment Required to Register

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Squash House in Detroit Michigan


This project is aimed at encouraging neighborhood interaction and fellowship through play and gardening. The Squash House will convert the house at 13133 Klinger into a venue for a site-specific variety of squash (or racquetball, handball, etc.). The court will integrate the inherent architecture of the space with sculptural modifications to provide a unique, artistically competitive experience for members of the neighborhood. These modifications will manifest themselves primarily through the warping and folding of interior and exterior surfaces, but will also include ‘add-on’ sculptural and architectural components. Final form of the house will be left slightly open-ended, depending upon material availability, and to allow for neighborhood collaboration.

When not in use for squash, the court will be available for art related events, neighborhood workshops, and a variety of other indoor activities. The rear yard of the house and the adjoining vacant lot will further encourage usage through outdoor gaming (badminton, volleyball, etc.) and will also be used as a community garden for squash and other vegetables.

It is intended that this project will be entirely self-sufficient. It will rely on solar and wind power for electrical needs, as well as a rainwater collection system for gardening needs. Where possible, materials for the project will be salvaged from other abandoned houses in the neighborhood that are beyond repair.

Currently in the planning and fundraising stages, we aim to complete Squash House by September of 2012

PHASE ONE of fundraising is for the general prep work of the house, which includes temporary repair of the roof, demo work, structural repair and a small solar panel system for construction lighting and power.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trinity Streak Comes To And End!!!

The Longest Winning Streak In College Sports History Is Over. Trinity University loss last Night to Yale 5 -4 snapping a 252-match winning streak that dated back to the 1997-98 season. This streak included 13 National Championships. Read about last night's match.

Also Read Sport Illustrated's article the Trinity Streak

Another Story Done By ESPN on the Trinity Streak

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Future Nicol Davids!!!

Watch Out Nicol David!!! Both Girls Jessica and Amy Robins took their 1st Squash Lessons on Saturday in our Munchkin Squash Program. Both were confident that after their first lesson that they could beat their Dad (David Robins)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Evolution of Squash

I came across this video about the Evolution of Squash and thought it was pretty cool. Take a look.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 Fall Squash League Results

I would like to thank everyone who played in the 2011 Fall Squash League and I look forward seeing everyone in the 2012 Winter League. For all the League Winners please see me or contact me to receive your prize. Hard to believe its 2012 already but anyhow here are some up coming events worth attending. 2012 Motor City Open January 25-30/12, DAC Classic Feb 8 - 12/12 and Tony Tomicic Challenge March 23-25/12.

2012 Fall Squash League Results

A1 Winner - Qashim Muhammad - Runner Up - Justin Warncok

A2 Winner - David Guthrie - Runner Up - David Mill

A3 Winner - Rob Roy - Runner Up - Mark Little

A4 Winner - Steve Oltean - Runner Up - Shabeez Saleem

A5 Winner - Berto Mill - Runner Up - Andrew Garant

B1 Winner - Jarrod Matties - Runner Up - Guy Halifax

B2 Winner - Matt McCarthy - Runner Up - Colin Bateman

B3 Winner - Adam Hrytzak - Runner Up - Jeff Torni

B4 Winner - Jarrod Riley - Runner Up - Doug Lovegrove

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Winter Junior Squash

Munchkin Squash - Designed for kids ages 4-7. This is a great program to help develop hand eye coordination and motor skills. A fun way to introduce kids to sport. The 10 week session starts January 14/12. Cost $80 + HST. E-mail Me dguthrie@windsorsquash.ca or Call the Club (519) 966-21411 for more information

Junior Squash - This program is for kids aged 8 through 16. Juniors will learn the fundamentals of Squash and provide them with an opportunity develop skills and compete with other players. Juniors will learn squash through group lessons with goal oriented drills and games.This is an excellent program for any child to learn the basics and fundamental of squash in a fun and exciting environment. The 10 week session starts January 14/12. Cost $120 + HST E-mail Me dguthrie@windsorsquash.ca or Call the Club (519) 966-21411 for more information.