Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 Winter Squash League Finals Results

2011 Winter Squash League Champions

Monday Night League Finals on April 11/11

A1 - Mark Porter Defeated Mike Twiner

A2 - Andrew Little Defeated Tom Porter

A3 - Ron Funkenhauser Defeated David Mill

A4 - Tim Autterson Defeated Mark Little

A5 - Toby Scott Defeated Keith Kryway

A6 - Samer Alkatib Defeated Eric Beneteau

Tuesday Night League Finals On April 12/11

B1 - Arthur Nagy Defeated Mike Tompkins

B2 - Steve Oltean Defeated Adam Pole

B3 - Joe Atherton Defeated Colin Bateman

B4 - Syed Azmat Defeated Dave Robins

Thank You To Everyone Who Participated In The 2011 Winter Squash League.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Squash Ontario - April E-Magazine

Squash Ontario is pleased to announce the release of the April issue of Squash Ontario E-Magazine!The E-Magazine features the latest squash news, informative articles, and event listings pertinent to all squash enthusiasts across Ontario! From recreational to competitive; junior to senior; singles to doubles; coach to official - this E-Magazine is for you!!

Look for the next issue in May, 2011!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Windsor Squash and Fitness Captures the MSRA Travel League 4.5 Championship

Windsor Squash and Fitness Captures the MSRA Travel League 4.5 Championship. WSF beat their arch rivalries from LifeTime Fitness of Troy to bring home the championship.

Mike “The Muscle Shirt” Wilbur beat Holmes Ahari 3 – 2.

Andrew “Silk” Little beat Farookh Ahmed 3 – 0.

Paul “Sinbad” Gebreal beat Jason Heywood 3- 0.

Andrew “Beavis” Caille lost to Ricardo Ramos 0-3.

Simple Awesome Guys!!! Not Bad for a Team that nearly did not make the playoffs.

Holmes Ahari and Mike “The Muscle Shirt” Wilbur

Farookh Ahmed and Andrew “Silk” Little

Paul "Sinbad" Gebreal and Jason Heywood

Ricardo Ramos and Andrew "Beavis" Caille

The Boys Celebrating Their Victory