Thursday, December 30, 2010

DAC Squash Classic - February 3-6, 2011

Please read the article for all the important information regarding draw limitations and required time availability, and all the details of the event and the entry form. Because of the popularity of this event, entry numbers will be capped. Once the maximum has been reached, all subsequent entries will be placed on a reserve list.

Due to DAC policy, entry can only be accepted with payment. We accept cash, check, or credit card.

Matches will be organized for Thursday evening for local players in the Detroit area only.

It would be great to see you all here again for this prestigious event. Entry deadline is January 21 or until full.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New League - Saturday Morning Rally Squash League

All matches will be played above the RED TAPE - Lengths - No Drop Shots allowed in this league.
Starts: January 15/11Time: 8:00am
PAR 15 Scoring System
9 Weeks of Play Plus Playoffs Deadline to Sign Up January 12/11
Free For All Gold Members and $20 for Non Gold
Contact David Guthrie or Mark Porter to sign up.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter 2011 Junior Squash

Winter 2011 Junior Squash Starts - Week of January 10th

This is an excellent program for any child to learn the basics and fundamental of squash in a fun and exciting environment. Juniors will learn squash through group lessons with goal oriented drills and games.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Winter Squash League 2011

Fall Squash League Is Almost Over - Time To Sign Up Winter Squash League

Winter Squash League Starts January 11/2011 - Don't Miss Out
New Feature to the League - 10 Players Per Division
9 Weeks of Play + 1 Week for Make Up Matches
Deadline to Sign Up January 5th/2011- Don't Wait Until The Last Moment To Sign Up!!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

MSRA City A, B and C Doubles Tournament

December 17 - 19 at the DAC
This Tournament is Open to all MSRA Members

Contact: John Dunwoody to Sign Up
Deadline is Friday, Dec 11 at 5:00pm

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Importance Of A Good Serve

START TO WIN: THE SERVE. The point starts with a serve; it continues into a rally for position; and then either you or your opponent finishes the point with a winner or a mistake. Let's discuss how you should start a point.The point starts with a serve. This makes the serve important, but many squash players focus on the wrong aspect of the serve. I have seen players try to get their serves tighter and tighter. But, you should know that developing an ace serve is a waste of time. A good serve should be hit close to the walls to restrict your opponent's swing. That is all. Nowhere will you find that you need to develop a service ace. You should concentrate more on your opponent's return. You need to differentiate a rail return from a crosscourt or a drop. What I'm getting at, is that, squash serves don't count as much as reading your opponent's return of serve and the way you prepare for the return.The best way to prepare for a service return is to get in the crouch position. Get ready to pounce on the ball and make sure your opponent sees this.It'll add mental pressure to his or her return. Mental pressure works best when your opponent sees you hovering on the "T" in the crouch position right after a tight serve. Try it!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

2010 Fall Down Classic Results

Singles Winners
A Draw - Ryan Herden (London, Ont)
B Draw - Megan McEachern (Windsor, Ont)
C Draw - David Mill (Windsor, Ont)
Womens - Joyce Bennette (Windsor, Ont)\
Doubles Winners
A Doubles - R. Doherty/ Osbourne (London, Ont)
B Doubles - K. Parent/ J. Dunwoody (Windsor, Ont/ Detroit, Mich)
Mixed Doubles -M.McEachern/ M. Jarvis (Windsor, Ont/ London, Ont)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ontario Doubles Championships

Squash Ontario and the Pickering Recreation Complex
request the pleasure of your participation in the first
Ontario Doubles Championships of the season……
Ontario Men’s and Women’s B Doubles Championships
Ontario Men’s C Doubles Championship

Date: November 19 – 21
Your Hosts: Nicole Pirko and the doubles members of the Pickering Squash Club {Pickering Recreation Complex}
Closing date for entry is: Monday, November 15th at noon

For Information on the event:
To Register:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Great Cross Training For Squash Players

Come On Out On October 31 And Join the Fun
This is a great chance for all Squash Players to improve their Cardio Fitness
Contact Erin Porter or Call 519-966-2141
To Sign Up Today!!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Down Classic - 2010

Sign Up Today!!!!! Beer, Squash & Good Times!!!!!!
Deadline For This Year's Event is October 31/10
Payment Will Be Required At Sign Up.
$60.00 Entry Fee.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quick Hits About Week 2 - Squash League

Week 1 - Draw Prize Winner –Adam Pole -
Must Have Played You Match On Time To Be Eligible For The Draw Prize

A3A – Rod “Rocket” Larson returned to league action after spending the summer at the golf course and car shows. Unfortunately for Larson his summer off killed his cardio and in his 1st match back he played Ron “Mr Cardio” Funkenhasuer. Let just say the match was not pretty for Larson who normally is the ultimate grinder

A6B – Jay “The Midnight Specialist” Patel’s squash play continues to impress everyone on Monday Nights. Patel’s 3- 0 victory over Peter “The Pit Bull” Wares proved the Patel belongs on Monday Nights. Keep Up the Strong Play Jay.

B1A – Joyce “The Smasher” Bennett is making a strong case to play on Monday Nights. She took on Gino “The Conqueror” Longo in a match that was billed to go 5 games. Bennett instead made quick work of Longo beat him in 3 games. Nice Job Joyce.

B3B – Daniel “The Punisher” Lester continues to mop the floor with everyone he is playing in the squash league. His latest victim was Matt “Dead Eye” Musson. Although Musson lost the match to Lester he strongly believes that his game is getting stronger. Watch Out B3B.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Quick Hits About Week 1 - Fall Squash League

Week 1 - Draw Prize Winner Keith Kryway - $ 20 Gift Card to the Poor House-
Must Have Played You Match On Time To Be Eligible For The Draw Prize

A1A - Kevin “BBF” Furmanek returned to league action on Monday and showed no signs of summer rust by defeating Andrew “Beavis” Caille 3 - 0. The real challenge for Kevin will be when he enters A1A. Sandbagger.

A2B- Aly “Law Student” Somani was impressive in his WSF league debut. Somani took down Mike “The Muscle Shirt” Wilbur in three games. Nice start Aly!!

B1B - John “The Terminator” Zuliani returned to the league in excellent form after a long absence for the league. Zuliani beat Adam “The History Prof “ Pole in a five game epic match.

B3B - Anthony “Paul Jr” Gebrael debuted in league by defeating fellow rookie Matt “Dead Eye” Musson. One has to wonder whether the squash league can handle another Gebrael.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Die Hard Cup - Final Summary And Standings

The Die Hard Cup came to a triumph close with the X- Court Assassins claiming the championship. Quickly after their victory the champagne was flowing everywhere. Team X- Court Assassins sipped from the cup like Stanley Cup Champions. Although it was a little testy for the The X – Court Assassins down the stretch as they had to hold off a last-gasp rally from The A – Team to claim the championship.

Mike “The X Court Master” Twiner captain of The X – Court Assassins set the tone early for the Assassins by taking down Justin “Raver” Warnock 3 games to zero. Following Twiner’s win Barry “Dive Guy” Garant also of Assassins stepped on the court and employed his Balls to the Wall squash style in defeating Conor “The Law Student” O’ Keefe. After their match O’Keefe felt as if he had a lawsuit on his hands based on Garant’s play. Finally, an early victory for the Assassin over the A Team came from Myles “The Rocker” Talbot. Talbot pulled off a tough four game victory over the University Of Windsor finest history professor Adam Pole. These three clutch victories put the Assassins in control to win the Die Hard Cup

The Final Match of the night was between Konstantin “The Professional” Houbchtev and Tim “Thunderball” Autterson. This match would determine the outcome of the Die Hard Cup. Houbchtev is usually a professional on and off the court, but on Tuesday Night he was not interested in being cordial. He wanted to finish off The A Team once and for all and claim the Die Hard Cup Championship for his team. Houbtchev came out swinging against Autterson running down every shot and forcing Autterson on to the defensive. Autterson just could not keep pace with Houbhtchev’s aggressive style. Unfortunately for Autterson the match ended quickly as he could not find the answer to solve Houbtchev. This loss marked a disappointing end to a tremendous season for the A – Team. The A Team had led the Die Hard Cup all season only to have the championship snatched from their hands on the last night on play.

Thank You to all the player and teams who participated in the inaugural Die Hard Cup.

Draw Prize Winner – Marcus Morceri - $ 40 gift card to The Pour House

Fall Squash League Start Sept 20/10 - Deadline to Sign Up Sept 15/10

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Die Hard Cup - Week 7 - Round Up - Schedule - Team Standings

Tuesday night was the last night of tie breaking action in the Die Hard Cup. Next week will be the Night of Champions where the #1 seated team will play the #2 seated team for Die Hard Cup Championship. Also on the Night of Champions the #3 seated team will play the #4 for 3rd place and the #5 seated team will play the #6 for 5th place.

Some key matches were played on Tuesday to break up ties. Gino “The Conqueror” Longo of team Showtime played team Young Gun’s Jay “The Midnight Specialist” Patel in a critical match that would determine the outcome for their respective teams on Tuesday night. Longo and Patel have a long history of playing each other. They are both apart of a social group that plays every Thursday night that has allowed them to become good friends. Although their friendship was put on hold Tuesday Night as each was trying put their team over the top. As the match began both Longo and Patel were increasingly becoming frustrated and testy with each other. As well both of them made attempts to intimidate each other with occasional trash talking that made this squash match look more like an NBA basketball game. Despite this circus atmosphere Patel built up a two game to one lead when in the fourth game Longo jumped out to a large lead and seemed to be cruising along when he took his foot off the gas pedal. This failure provided the opportunity for Patel to storm back from a 5 – 12 deficit to steal the game and match from Longo. Following the match a clearly distressed Longo told Patel that he better not enjoy this victory too much because he planed to whip him the next time they played.

While Longo and Patel were doing battle on Court #3 there was another war being waged on Court #5 between Barry “Dive Guy” Garant and Peter “Easy Rider” Ryan. Garant and Ryan both have similar styles of play and I am not sure if you can truly put a name on their styles of play. They play with reckless abandon that has no regard for their physical bodies. Garant’s squash game has vastly improved over the summer and Ryan is a very experienced player who represented a good challenge for Garant. Unfortunately Ryan’s experience did not show up until the fourth game when Garant had already built up a 2 game to one lead. In the fourth Ryan game played in desperate fashion by out working Garant and forcing a fifth game. Ryan seemed to have regained his form and started to dominate Garant. The start of the fifth game was totally controlled by Ryan, who was on his way to a hard fought victory when something happened. Ryan’s gas tank went empty and had nothing left to finish off Garant. Garant quickly noticed the change and forced Ryan to run more. As a result Garant overcame Ryan’s lead and finished him in dramatic fashion. After the match Garant made the comment to Ryan that he knew he was going to win the match despite the large deficit that he had to over come in the fifth game.

Following matches on Tuesday night we will be taking pictures of the winning team so please stick around after your match. Thank You

Winner of the Free MSRA Membership and Shirt - John Hosapple -

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Die Hard Cup - Week 5 - Round Up

Tuesday marked the end of the regular season for Die Hard Cup action. Next week will be the first round of the playoffs. All teams will make the playoffs but everyone is talking about how impressive “The A-Team” has been. The A team has compiled a record of 4 wins and 1 loss. No other team has come close to that record. Team Captain Justin Warnock says his team is doing so well because of their extraordinary off court training regiment. Warnock would not give details on this training regiment out of fear that other teams might pick up on it. Although he did say that his skateboarding back and forth from the squash club has improved his court quickness.

The match of the century took place on Tuesday. Konstantin Houbhtchev vs Stefan Houbhtchev. This match was hyped up so much that people were comparing it to the first Ali vs. Frazier match. Apparently before the match strong words were being exchanged between the two Houbhtchevs. Once the two of them settled down they both played very good squash. The younger (Stefan) Houbhtchev had a clear strategy right from the start. He wanted to attack the older (Konstantin) Houchtchev and force him to be defensive. Although Konstantin has made a career of being a defensive player which would make Stefan’s strategy that much harder. After Stefan quickly stole the first game Konstantin’s defensive style started to wear down and frustrate the younger Houbhtchev. The match was all tied in the third game when Stefan regained his composure and started to make some tough shots that Konstantin could not get to. This allowed Stefan to roll through the third game and put the pressure on Konstantin in the fourth game. In the fourth not much changed for Konstantin as Stefan continued his onslaught of tight shots that allowed him to easily triumph Konstantin in the fourth game. Following the match a deeply frustrated and distressed Konstantin said that he was taking away Stefan’s allowance for this week.

Following the match of the century, came the match that was being billed as the modern day “Battle of The Sexes”. Instead of Billie Jean King playing Bobby Riggs it was Joyce Bennett playing Phil “Tin Man” Blagdurn. Bennett has made a name for herself as being a very determined player that likes to have long rallies but she may be better known for her never quit attitude. Blagdurn on the other hand likes to live a little more on the edge with a wide range of different shots to throw off his opponent. His favorite shot being the reverse boast. These contrasts in style of play would make for a great squash match. Blagdurn jumped out of the gate early by capitalizing on some of Bennett’s early unforced errors but Blagdurn struggled to maintain this early lead as he started to hit the ball excessively into the tin. Luckily Blagdurn held on to win the first game. In the second game Blagdurn continued his onslaught on the tin that had many in the audience wondering whether the tin would remain on the wall. Blagdurn was hitting so much tin because Bennett was forcing him to rally longer than his body would allow him. After the 2nd game the match was all tied up but it really looked like Bennett had Blagdurn on the ropes. In the third game the match seesawed back and forth with neither of them giving up anything but somehow Blagdurn dug deep and stole the game. This new found energy propelled Blagdurn to win the fourth game also. Following the match Bennett made it clear that she let this victory slip away and warned Blagdurn that things would be different, if they played each other again.

Winner of the Draw Prize - Konstantin Houbhtchev - 2 Free Racquet Restringings

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Die Hard Cup - Week 4 - Round Up - Schedule - Team Standings

Die Hard Cup action on Tuesday Night can be summed up in two words “spare night”. Thank you to all the spares that filled in for the regular players. I think we might have had more spares playing Tuesday than regular players. I believe everyone is on vacation and who could blame them with the weather we are having. Despite this we still had some great squash action being played.

Adam “Professor” Pole is one of WSF’s most avid league players. During the day he serves as history professor at the University of Windsor where he’s known among his students as a hard ass who is very strict and marks very hard. Some students call him the Punisher. While at night he is a die hard squash player who is known for his friendly and sociable nature on and off the court. He is always the first one to buy everyone beers following his match. Even offers to buy everyone pizza on league nights. Well that friendly nature went out the door when he found out his opponent was Mike Sauro who is a student at the University of Western Ontario. Once Pole stepped on the court he became the punisher again. Pole made everything hard for Sauro. The rallies were short and testy as Pole did not want to give the younger Sauro any chance. Sauro played through this adversity and pushed the match to a fifth game. In the fifth something happened to Pole and he relaxed his punishing ways. As result he started to play better and improved his shot selections. The fifth turn out of a landslide for Pole and to everyone’s surprise Pole offered to buy Sauro a beer after the match.

Al “Mr Travel” Valente has been beating up everyone in the league and Tuesday provided to be no different but proved to be a little hard. His opponent was Anis “Smasher” Khan. Valante’s patent boast was a little off in the early going and Khan was all over the court showing his lightening quickness despite his tall stature. This match proved to be the best match of the night as it seesawed back and forth with neither of the them give up an edge. Some of the rallies were so long that they had a hard time remembering who served to start the rally. As the match wore on Valente’s boast started to catch the nick which Khan could not counter. This allowed Valente to prevail in the fifth. Following the match Valente informed the league directors that he would be on vacation the next two weeks and will not be around to play his final two matches. Rumors is this “so called vacation” is Valente’s attempt to avoid playing me (David Guthrie) next week in the league.

Next Week – The Match Of The Century – Konstantin Houbhtchev vs Stefan Houbhtchev – Don’t Miss This One.

Draw Prize Winner – Andrew Caille – Personal Training Session w/ Andree Silcock and Squash Shirt

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Die Hard Week 4 Schedule and Team Standings

Matches Worth Watching - Tuesday August 3rd

Tom Porter vs Andrew Caille - Match Could Go Either Way
Guy Hallifax vs Pat Castagna - This Match Should Go The Distance
Mike Sauro vs Adam Pole - I Promise That This Will Be The Match of Night

The A - Team is Undefeated!!!!!!!! Can Anyone Defeat Them???

Die Hard Cup - Round Up - Will Return This Week. I Apologize For Not Having A Round Up Last Week But I Was On Vacation. In Case you were wondering it was an Excellent Vacation!!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Die Hard Cup - Week 2 - Round Up

The 2nd week of Die Hard Cup kicked off with many of the players determined to insure their team a victory. Despite the fact that the Die Hard Cup is a summer league many of the guys are leaving nothing to chance. Some of the early notable matches were Justin “Raver” Warnock beating Andrew “Beavis from Beavis and Butthead” Caille in five games. Another exciting early match was Mike “Professor” Twiner against Tom “The Owner” Porter. Twiner used his patent cross court shots to defeat Porter in three games.

The most interesting match of the night was watching Barry “Dive Guy” Garant play Dan “Silky Smooth” Driscoll. Garant’s style of play is not always pretty to watch but it is effective. Driscoll on the other hand was very smooth and fluent on the squash court. Watching this match was like watching an old episode of the Odd Couple. Driscoll made it clear from beginning of the match that he would have no part of Garant’s all over the court style of play. Driscoll kept his shot selection to tight and deep shots in the corners. These shots forced Garant to be defensive. Driscoll maintained this approach thoughout the match and defeated Garant in three games. This win proved to be extremely important as it allowed Team “Vets” to break the tie with the Assassins and claim victory over them.

The foremost important match of the night was between Mike “Muscle Shirt” Wilbur and Konstantin “The Runner” Houbtchev. Wilbur has made a career of intimidating his opponents by flexing his forearm muscles while wearing his signature muscle t-shirt. This intimidation technique has worked well for Wilbur in the past until he ran into the father and son combination of Konstantin and Stefan Houbtchev. Last week Stefan (Inserted Photo) who is only entering the 8th grade laughed at Wilbur’s forearms and quickly put up a 2 game lead. Wilbur worked hard to force a fifth game but ran out of gas. Following the match Stefan made the comment that maybe Wilbur did too many bench presses before the match. Wilbur was quick to respond and he would get his revenge against Konstantin. On Tuesday night Konstantin played Wilbur. Not much had changed for Wilbur because he again gave up a two game lead before making a comeback that only stretched the match to a fourth game. After the match Konstantin stated the he thought Wilbur might try a new technique instead of bullying his opponents in order to win a match.

Draw Prize Winner – Marcus Moceri – Squash Package

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Die Hard Cup - Week 1 - Round Up

Die Hard Cup Squash League kicked off on Tuesday Night. This league is a change from the past Summer Squash Leagues. It’s a little more spiced up and has a little more punch to it. It’s like drinking margaritas at Mexican Village on Mondays. Some of the changes to this league are that WSF has finally converted over to POINT A RALLY scoring system instead of point per serve. As well your individual scores do not determine how far you will go in the league, but how far your team will go. Everyone is selected to a Team. Each team has 7 players and players are ranked from 1 to 7 based on skill level. Each week teams will play against a different team and the team that wins the most matches is awarded the victory. Only the top 3 ranked players from each team will play their games to 11 points and the rest will play to 15 points. Also no rescheduling of matches will be allowed. If you cannot play your match please let me (David Guthrie) or Mark Porter know and we will find you a replacement. Each week there will be a draw prize and drink specials.

Enough with the new rules, now let’s talk about the squash action that was played on Tuesday Night. The Die Hard Cup with its new format has attracted newcomers and of these newcomers some were quick to make their presence known on and off the squash court. One of these rookies was Rita Tailleter who has been quietly practicing for about 3 months for this league and as result she made quick work of fellow newcomer Tony Kook in her 1st ever competitive squash match. Tailleter’s side kick Michelle Reiser also made her debut against Asaf Klein. They played an epic 5 game match that Klein barely pulled off the victory. After both of their matches Tailleter and Reiser felt they were ranked too low on their respective team.

Both Vince and Dean Bonadonna came out of hibernation and returned to the squash league after a year of absence from the game. Vince drew a tough match against Anis Khan and Dean played the wily veteran Phil “The Prince” Blagdurn. Khan wanted no part of Vince’s triumphant return and defeated Vince in 4 hard fought games. Despite the loss Vince liked the way he played and felt that his game was only going to improve. Meanwhile Dean played a tough hard 5 game match with Blagdurn. It was only in the fifth game that Dean used his quickness to out work Blagdurn and claimed victory. After the match Blagdurn, said he was tired of no one giving
him the respect on the court and vowed that he would no longer be buying beer for anyone anymore.

Al Valente - The Winner of the Draw Prize: Black Knight CCT 7730 Racquet

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Leaner, Stronger, Faster

Become a Leaner, Stronger, Faster Squash Player In Only 4 Weeks Long. Results Guaranteed.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Junior Squash Programs

Summer is a Great Time to develop Your Child's Squash Skills
Here are Two Great Programs That Will Develop Your Child's Squash Game


For More Information Please Feel Free To Contact Mark Porter Or David Guthrie at 519-966-2141, or

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Die Hard Cup - Summer Squash League

July 13/10 - Team Play - Each Team will consist of 9 players - Players Will Ranked 1 through 9 - Players will compete against player from opposing team with the same rank - Team that wins most matches will be the winner for the week - Drink Specials and Prizes Every Week
Sign Up Now!!!!
Please Note: No Make Up Matches and Par Scoring Will Be Used

Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 Club Championships - Draws - Updated June 15/10

2010 Club Championships - Draws - Updated June 29/10

The Attached Files are the Draw Sheets. Please Review Them
Good Luck to Everyone

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2010 Spring Squash A League - Week 3 Summary

Week Three of the Spring Squash League was like an episode from the Twilight Zone. Strange things were happening all over the place. Many of the matches had unexpected twists and bizarre occurrences. I felt like I was hallucinating while watching some of these matches.

The 1st unexpected twist of my Twilight Zone night at WSF was the match between Tom “The Intimidator” Porter and Shaun “The Franchise” Guay. One would have expected that Guay would control the flow the game with long rallies that would wear down the older Porter. This was clearly not the case. Porter looked like the younger player. He was flying all over the court forcing Guay under pressure. As a result, Guay struggled to find his Mojo and made too many unforced errors. When Guay started to show some signs of life, Porter would shorten the rallies to 3 shots and fire a winner right above the tin. After the match Guay said things would be different when he was done focusing on his final exams.

Dave “Yo Bro” Bshouty is clearly becoming a solid squash player, although he played victim last night to Rod “Rocket” Larson’s favorite trick. Larson’s patent trick is to make it look like he is suffering on the court and in between games has this glossy look on his face that stares off into space giving the appearance that he is on the verge of a heart attack. Bshouty handly won the 1st game and thought he was on his way to an easy victory after getting a glimpse of Larson’s face after the 1st game. That was a critical mistake because Larson is a grinder and will work you over with his long wing span and rallies. This play clearly frustrated Bshouty or in the Twilight Zone as he thought that Larson was dead. As a result, Bshouty made too many mistakes and lost the match in 4 games. After the match Larson questioned Bshouty’s choice of a coach.

The Marquis Match Up of the night was between Mitch “Court 1” Kosovitch and Mike “Muscle Shirt” Wilbur. Wilbur was looking to avenge his fifth game loss to Rob “The Enforcer” Griffith last week. Before the match, Wilbur wanted to throw Kosovitch off his game by telling him all the courts were booked except Court 5. Everyone knows that Kosovitch loves to play under the spotlight of court 1 because it brings out his best game. Wilbur’s trick seemed to work as he dominated the play on Court 5 and everything was going his way. Kosovitch did not have an answer for Wilbur’s strong play. With this play Wilbur cruised to an easy 2 games to none and was leading 8 – 3 in the third when Kosovitch woke up from his Twilight Zone experience. As a result Kosovitch came back from the dead and won the third game and rallied to win the forth. With all the momentum going into the fifth game Kosovitch pulled off the shocking comeback by winning the fifth. After the match Kosovitch said he never knew Court 5 existed before last nights match and looked forward to playing on it again.

Total Matches Schedule 20
Total Matches Played 14
Percentage of Matches Played On Time 70%

Thursday, May 6, 2010

2010 Spring Squash A League - Week 2 Summary

Some of best games in league action were played on Monday Night. Unfortunately many people were not around to watch these matches. There were a couple of epic five game matches. And I assure you the squash action was great and was a blast to watch.

Rob “The Enforcer” Griffith has been quietly regaining his squash form with the help of WSF’s squash guru Zaman. Griffith’s opponent on Monday night was Mike “Muscle Shirt” Wilbur. Wilbur was caught off guard by Griffith’s quickness and ability to dig shots out the corners. Griffith was speedy to build up a 2 game lead before Wilbur woke up. At which point Wilbur rolled up his sleeves or lack of sleeves and flexed his muscles to draw even. In the fifth game, Griffith regained his composure and returned to playing smart squash. Griffith’s shots in the fifth were tight and deep in the corner to which Wilbur had no answer. Watch out A2, Griffith is going to be tough to beat.

Over on Court 1 another epic match was being played between Andrew “Beavis from Beavis and Butthead” Caille and Tom “The Intimidator” Porter. Caille seemed to be cruising along in the match winning the 1st two games. Then the bottom fell out for Caille as Porter launched a fierce comeback and forced a fifth game. Caille blamed Porter’s comeback on the fact that the strings broke on his racquet and he was struggling to adjust to his new racquet. Once Caille stopped blaming his racquet for his poor play he returned to the dominate form that he displayed in the 1st two games and prevailed in the game 5.

Chris “The Menace” Campeau is coming off some tough injures that forced him to withdraw from the Winter Squash League and has returned to the Spring League looking for some redemption. On Monday, his unfortunate victim was Wayne “The Rookie” Richards. Richards has been playing strong since coming over from the Caboto Club but he ran into a freight train on Monday. Campeau worked Richards into the corner and never let him out. As well Campeau’s long wing span plagued Richard as Campeau was too difficult to get off the “T”. After the match Richard’s warned Campeau that things would be different the next time they played.

Total Matches Schedule 20
Total Matches Played 7
Percentage of Matches Played On Time 35%

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Club Championships

It's time to end the squash year on a good note. Club Championship is your chance to prove to yourself to your fellow squash players. Sign Up Now!!!! No Fee to Windsor Squash and Fitness Members.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Squash Ontario May/June E-Magazine

Check Out Squash Ontario's May/ June E Magazine.
Some Headlines:
Annual Charity Golf Tournament - Benefit Junior Squash
New League and Tournament Software Programs
Ontario Champions

Thursday, April 29, 2010

For The Kids - Junior Squash

This Junior Program has been specially designed to guide the committed and improving junior squash athlete through a program of skill and fitness development in a supportive, fun environment
Want to know more about Junior Squash Please Check Out This Link

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2010 Spring Squash A League - Summary

Well the Spring Squash League historically is a very small event compared to the Winter Squash League. The key reason being of course is that many of the big guns do not play. This year Dan “I Just Want to Play Squash” Van Morsel chose not to play in the Spring League and is instead teaching some of Chatham’s inner city youth kids the finer points of concrete. Mike “Doc” Connelly feared that if he played in the Spring League he might fail his final exams on the female anatomy. And Tim “Behr” Majocha felt that his golf game was primed to break 100 this year before August.

Anyhow, the hard core squash players were in action last night. Andrew “Beavis” Caille was in pretty good form against Shaun “The Franchise” Guay despite the fact that Caille was late for his match. Apparently, Home Depot had a 5 o’clock special on Duct Tape. Caille jumped out to a two game lead before Guay settled down and struck back in the third game. The fourth game proved to be a tight hard fought game but Caille’s patent front corner boast started to frustrate Guay and allowed Caille to escape with a 3 -1 win.

Stefan “Young Gun” Houbtchev has been playing so well that he is destroying all the competition. In this Spring League, Stefan made the big jump into A3A and was looking to draw blood. Houbtchev unfortunately ran into the wily veteran Rod “Rocket” Larson. Larson wanted no part of being Houbtchev’s latest victim. Although Houbtchev played Larson tough and kept the games tight . Larson’s experience in tight games was the determining factor that allowed him to prevail to victory.

Kevin “Kentucky Fried Chicken” Furmanek fresh off his A1 Winter League Championship was looking to continue his winning ways against Andrew “Silk” Little. Furmanek was able to control the flow of the game and constantly kept Little under pressure. As a result, Furmanek prevailed to win but Doug Fields who was watching the match said that he would have handled Furmanek differently.

Total Matches Schedule 20
Total Matches Played 11
Percentage of Matches Played On Time 55%

Top 20 Reasons to Date a Squash Player

1. We have perfect technique, good rhythm, and great leg lunges
2. We're used to having bruises on our knees
3. We're used to performing in minimal amounts of clothing
4. After 90 seconds we're ready to go at it again
5. We don't mind getting hot and sweaty
6. We're always open to new moves & positions
7. We perform to please the crowd
8. We love an audience
9. We show off our legs
10. We like being videotaped to improve ourselves
11. We enjoy doing hard things
12. We're always on top of the ball
13. We hit from any angle
14. We're good with our hands
15. We know how to play doubles
16. We like to be on top of our game
17. We know how to take it up the middle
18. We play the court until we score
19. We can do it forehand and backhand.
20. One word..FLEXIBILITY

Thursday, April 22, 2010

How A Racquet Is Made?

Check out this really cool video done by CNN – It shows how a racquet is made and features the HEAD R&D Department in Austria

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cross Border Challenge

I don’t know how it happened to us but we got are ASSES kicked badly during the Cross Border Challenge. I think we were over-confident. In the past all we did was show up for the event and the DAC team would crumble. Our favor trick of adding attractive women to our team to distract their players failed to work this time. They came ready to play. Some of their teammates even went to the wrong club and still beat us. How does this happen?

If you don’t know the history of the Cross Border Challenge, here it is in a nut shell: They won it the first time, but ever since than we have dominated the event. We won 7 times in a row!!!!!! This event has pretty much gone in our favor as long as we showed up. As a result of this dominance I think that this year, Mick Joint in a desperate attempt to regain some creditability in this event, resorted to some questionable tactics. First of all Mick called his buddies at US Customs to make sure that the tunnel was backed up so badly that our players were all late for their matches and were forced to rush on the court with no warm up. Secondly he fixed the beer keg to pour too much foam. This is deeply upsetting to any Canadian. Our guys could not concentrate on their matches knowing that foamy beer was waiting for them when they came off the court. Lastly Mick elected not to add players to his team who have repeatedly lost to our women - not mentioning any names but where were Chip McDaniel, Pat Petz and Jim Stroh? In the past they were regular participatants in the Cross Border Challenge!?!. Due to these reasons, I am protesting the results!!!!

Thank you to everyone who participated and remember that we have 6 months of hard training ahead of us. Congratulations to the DAC. I guest every blind squirrel finds a nut once and a while.

A Desperate Man

Thursday, April 15, 2010

2nd Annual MSRA Junior Benefit

This fun event is also a serious fund raiser. All money raised will be going towards the $100,000 challenge grant secured by National Urban Squash and Education Association ( ) that is launching the Detroit program this year!
This program combines squash, academic, mentoring and focuses on changing the lives of Detroit's least advantaged kids and that the program is modelled after nine very successful programs in other U.S. Cities. Truly a dream come true for many of us. Please help us obtain this grant by either buying tickets or making donations. I encourage all MSRA members to support this event by attending, donating, or marketing this event to others. Sponsorships are available starting at $250.This event is also a family event. Beyond seeing the promising juniors playing, there will be Prince door prizes, and beer, pop and snacks will be provided.
Click on the promotion above for all the details of the event. For more information on the junior development program in Michigan and how you can help make a difference, you can contact MSRA president Hugh Stalker at

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hey Ladies - Squash For Women

Starting Friday April 23/10 is Ladies Night at WSF. Mark Porter will be giving instructional work designed to help all Ladies impove their squash game.
Also this is a great program to network yourself for future matches with other women.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Guide to Squash Etiquette

Since the topic of recent at WSF has been about conduct or etiquette on the squash court. Please read the 101 don'ts of squash below. I have been a victim of or seen someone else be the victim of the following etiquette violations. Be honest with yourself and review them. You will understand that "we all need to improve our etiquette".

I’ve been guilty of several of these myself. All of these 101 hinge on self-respect, respecting your opponent, honesty, and safety. In many cases, the etiquette violations you see on the squash court reflect the perpetrator’s character at home or at work, too. So, Be Good!

101 Things Not to do in The Game of Squash…
1) Arrive late to your match
2) Fail to arrive to your match without informing your opponent well in advance
3) Leave the court without thanking your opponent
4) Fail to shake hands before and after the match
5) Say “lucky shot”
6) Decline to offer lets or strokes when you obstruct play
7) Challenge your opponents’ retrievals or “gets”
8) Make excuses for losing or missing shots
9) Complain about your host’s squash courts, lights, locker room, court dimensions, cracks, walls, temperature, floors, ceiling, humidity, or etc.
10) Pump your fist after a rally, game or match
11) Cheer when a player hits a tin
12) Shout in the court or within earshot of players in a court
13) Wear street shoes on a squash court or wear squash shoes outside
14) Intentionally hit your racquet on the wall or floor
15) Consistently arrive to your match without a squash ball or with an old ball
16) Coach a player during or between points
17) Question a referee’s calls during a game
18) Try to converse with a referee while he or she is refereeing a game
19) Neglect to call your own double bounces, out-of-court shots, and carries
20) Intentionally add to your points or deduct from your opponent’s points when calling the score
21) Expect a let or stroke without requesting a let
22) Hit a bad shot, then ask for a let
23) Stall excessively between points and between games
24) Wipe your hands on the walls of the court
25) Sign up for a league or ladder and fail to play a majority of your matches 26) Slam the door to the squash court
27) Negotiate calls and rulings with the referee and your opponent
28) Hit more than 50% of the warm-up shots to your side of the court
29) Repeatedly fail to clear
30) Fail to clear without offering a stroke to your opponent
31) Coach players when you are the referee or a tournament official
32) Throw your racquet
33) Play only with players who are better than you
34) Neglect to offer to over-rule a referee when you know that the referee has erroneously ruled in your favor
35) Wear dirty or stinky clothes on court
36) Play with a contagious illness
37) Grunt loudly for every difficult shot
38) Give unsolicited advice
39) Refuse to accommodate reasonable match re-schedule requests
40) Push off of an opponent to reach a shot
41) Fish for lets by calling lets when you’re out of range or unprepared
42) Ask your opponent for a stroke
43) Threaten to hit your opponent with the ball to prove a referee wrong
44) Refuse to lend a racquet to a player who needs one
45) Hit your opponent with the ball to show her that she’s blocking
46) Decline to vacate a court when a player who has reserved that court waits
47) Employ an excessive swing, and neglect to attempt to reduce it
48) Bring badly behaved children (or adults) to an important match
49) Stop to discuss every point at its end
50) Repeatedly solicit advice, but fail to follow it
51) Brag
52) Curse loudly on court
53) Habitually foot-fault
54) Complain about tournament favors, shirts, food or prizes
55) Criticize a squash association without attempting to make a meaningful contribution to it
56) Fail to referee the tournament match which follows a match you won, unless you find an acceptable substitute referee or have been dismissed by the director
57) Decline to seek a replacement referee when you reasonably know that the match or players you are to referee are beyond your referee capabilities
58) Neglect to encourage a new player or a junior player
59) Stomp your feet when your opponent is preparing to play a shot in front of you
60) Wring the sweat out of your headbands or grips onto the floor
61) Transfer your sweat onto the ball to change its movement
62) Purport to arrive to your match on time, then excessively delay entering the court to prepare the racquet, adjust clothing/eyewear, or stretch
63) Play a hard match smelling strongly of smoke, alcohol, perfume or cologne
64) Use a cell phone between games or interrupt play to answer a cell phone
65) Decline challenging matches to avoid the risk of losing
66) Record/videotape a game without your opponent’s knowledge or consent
67) Treat club staff members disrespectfully
68) Leave lights on or turn lights off if either violates club practice
69) Await your opponent or a spectator to fetch a ball that you hit out of court
70) Fail to offer to replace or restring a racquet that you borrowed and damaged
71) Publicly criticize the technique of a player who consistently beats you
72) Eat or drink on the court
73) Double-book opponents for a match without obtaining approval from both
74) Hit the ball hard in the court after a point concludes
75) Fake a swing during a rally
76) Beg to play “just one more game” with a player who is obviously done
77) Insist on a disputed stroke or no-let without compromising with a let
78) Persist in a fruitless debate about a let ruling, long after the point, game or match
79) Fail to post ladder, league or tournament results in a timely fashion
80) Leave towels, old grips, food wrappers or other refuse outside the court
81) Decline to wear safety glasses, yet complain when an opponent cleans or adjusts hers
82) Argue playing without safety glasses in the presence of a minor
83) Doubt your opponent’s integrity by asking: “Did you get that?”
84) Shout “TURNING”
85) Swing at a ball after you turn in the back court
86) Promise “I’ll play better next time” every time you lose, then repeatedly fail to play better 87) Use your station as a squash official to displace spectators to improve your own viewing position at a match
88) Intentionally arrange match locations to impose guest fees on your opponent
89) Spit in or around the court or in or around drinking fountains
90) Face the rear to gesture to spectators during a match while your opponent is on court
91) Persistently ask how a player fared against another named player
92) Put your bags, racquets or towels on chairs or benches when seating is limited
93) Place your bags, racquets or dark towels outside the court near the bottom of a glass back wall where they can obscure players’ sight of the ball
94) Idly watch your guest clean your court’s floor or walls to make the court playable
95) Handle food or drink when watching from a viewing area directly above the court
96) Bounce the ball excessively as a serving ritual
97) Ask a professional to play without offering to pay
98) Perpetually whine about your lack of improvement, but fail to take lessons and train harder 99) Blame a loss on your age
100) Sign up for a tournament division below your skill level (aka “sandbag”)
101) Coach or parent a juvenile (aka “junior”) without correcting them when they behave as enumerated above

By Sean Sunderland
Originally Posted at Seattle Squash

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cross Border Challenge

The Cross Border Challenge is Saturday April 17/10 at the Detroit Athletic Club. We have won this challenge so many times in a row I can’t remember the last time we lost. The DAC Guys are such gracious losers it almost breaks my heart when we win especially after they feed you with plenty of beer. Maybe this time around they will form a team that might make us break a sweat. The last few times we placed women on our roster so the matches might be a little closer but that back fired because our women beat them too. Anyhow we still need to form a roster to keep the Cross Border Trophy in Windsor where it belongs. I have attached a photo of the trophy for the DAC guys to show them what it looks like. Players of all levels are welcome to play. Anybody interested in participating in this year's Spring Challenge please contact me We are looking for players of all skill levels. Females are welcome. This is a social event so you must be 19 years of age to participate

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010 Tony Tomicic Challenge

The 7th Annual Tony Tomicic Challenge.

This year’s event drew 106 squash players competing in 8 divisions and playing in over 200 matches. Players came from Detroit, London, Birmingham, Toledo, Toronto and Moncton, New Brunswick.

The level of play in the tournament was maybe the best that we had ever seen at WSF. The matches were simply amazing and the competition was very intense. Nobody wanted to be on the losing end of a match.

Mick Joint our good friend from the Detroit Athletic Club easily defeated everyone in the Open Division. Joint proved to be at a level above everyone else as he cruised through the competition and won the finals in dominating fashion. Throughout the whole tournament Joint never lost a game. Joint better hope that his DAC boys play as well as he did in the upcoming Cross Border Challenge on April 17/10. WSF has won 7 straight times!!!!!! But who is counting?

Dan Van Morsel finally let his squash game do the talking and not his mouth. With his coach in his corner (Wayne Carroll) Van Morsel played unstoppable squash and fought his way into the A Division finals. Although in the finals Van Morsel’s coach was noticeably absent and so was Van Morsel’s solid play. As a result Bruce Burrowes of London made quick work of Van Morsel beating him 3-0.

Team Bear Paw (Barry Leavitt/ Paul Gebrael) lived up to the hype. They are like a well oiled machine. Leavitt has mentored Gebrael beautifully as Gebrael has learned to control his emotions on the doubles court. As a result they cruised to the finals to face their nemesis’ Mike “Muscle Shirt” Wilbur and Syd “Right Wall” Strom. The B Doubles Finals proved to be everything that was anticipated. The finals were a hard fought five gamer that could have gone either way. In the end Leavitt and Gebrael pulled off the victory. As in the Fall Down Classic the paramedics were called again to help Gebrael from the court because his head could not fit though the door way.

Thank You to Everyone Who Participated in This Year’s Event and a Big Thanks To All Our Sponsors who made this tournament possible.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MSRA Skills Tourney Results

MSRA Skills Tourney Results - March 4 - 7/10
4.5 Division was a hotly contested draw, Dave Guthrie played almost a flawless semi final to take out fellow Canadian Paul Gebrael 3-0 who to his credit forced Dave to play at his best. The other semi was a five game marathon between Greg Deeg and Jason Heywood. In what came down to a battle of fitness with some great extended rallies created by Greg's incredible shot making and Jason's relentless retrieving, Jason took the fifth 9-7. In the final Jason picked up where he left off in the semi winning 3-0 in a match where the game score does not reflect just how well Dave played in three very close and exciting games.

5.0 Division -Ricardo Ramos looked unbeatable in the round robin match's winning all three of his. John Kundrot did extend Ricardo to five games in their round robin match. In the Saturday match's, Andrew Caille had to win against John to advance into the final. The match see sawed back and forth with Andrew prevailing in five when John's gas tank ran dry. This set up a final between Andrew and Ricardo, Ricardo confident since he had won their round robin match 3-0. Andrew, motivated by his Saturday win over John, was looking for redemption. In a marathon of a final lasting well over an hour, a battle royal that neither player could take control of, came down to the fifth and deciding game. The score never got more than a couple of points apart eventually getting to 7-6 in Andrew's favor. There were five handouts played, ten points, before Andrew took the point to get to match ball. Couple more handouts before Ricardo gets to a point to draw to 7-8, again several more handouts before Andrew scored a point to win the fifth 9-7. This has to rank up with the best of all the MSRA finals played the last several years. Congratulations to both Ricardo and Andrew for providing such an exciting final.

Article Courtesy Of Phil Blagdurn.

Need A Place to Stay For the Tony Tomicic Challenge?

The Marquis Plaza Hotel is offering Special Rates for all Squash Players Attending the Tony Tomicic Challenge from out of town.
The Marquis Plaza Hotel is conveniently located on the Corner of Ouellette and Eugenie St which is just minutes from Windsor Squash And Fitness Club.
The Marquis Plaza has been kind enough to book rooms to advance for all players participating in the Tony Tomicic Challenge
You can book your rooms online at

If you have any questions please contact me or George Chifor, General Manager, Marquis Plaza Hotel
Tel. (519) 966-1860
Fax (519) 966-6619

Friday, March 5, 2010

B League Summary - Week 6

"B" Squash League - Week 6

16 Matches Schedule and 7 Matches Played = 43% Played On Time.

Team Points:

Team #3 =159pts - Team Leader (Barry Garant 26pts)
Team #5 = 116pts - Team Leader (Paul Tonon 23pts)
Team #4 = 108pts - Team Leader (Gino Longo 17pts)
Team #2 = 101pts - Team Leader (Rino Marcon 19pts)
Team #1 = 100pts - Team Leader (Varoujan Arman 25pts)

A League Summary - Week 6

"A" Squash League - Week 6

24 Matches Schedule and 9 Matches Played = 37% Played On Time.

Team Points:

Team #6 =234pts - Team Leader (Prab Agawalla 38pts)
G - Unit = 233pts - Team Leader (Dan Van Moorsel 37pts)
Team #3 = 225pts - Team Leader (Tim Majocha 30pts)
Team #4 = 218pts - Team Leader (Justin Warnock 30pts)
Team #5 = 209pts - Team Leader (Paul -Sinbad-Watch Me on Celebrity Apprentice-Gebrael 30pts)
Team #6 = 181pts - Team Leader (Ron Funkenhasuer 36pts)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tony Tomicic Challenge 2010

Sign Up Today!!!!! Beer, Squash & Good Times!!!!!!
Deadline For This Year's Event is March 20th/10
Payment Will Be Required At Sign Up.
$60.00 Entry Fee.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The DAC Classic 2010

This year’s DAC Classic was an event to remember. Mick Joint and his staff did a fantastic job. The tournament had over 140 players from all over Ontario, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. About 25 squash players from Windsor Squash and Fitness crossed the border to participate and 7 of them went home with hardware to show off their victories.

Mark “Legal Edge” Eugeni walked over all the competition to cruise to 5.5 championships and along the way he sold a few homes. Kevin “BFF” Furmanek rebounded nicely after a tough 1st round loss to win 5.5 Consultation Championship.

Mike “The Newcomer” Twiner showed everyone that despite being from South Carolina he knows how to play squash. Twiner’s patience style of play whore down his opponents that allowed to crowned himself 5.0 Champion.

Shaun “the Kid” Guay continues to shows great promise by winning 4.5 championships. After the victory Shaun said he could not win the championship without the help of his Dad (Gerry).

A memorable moment from this weekend was watching the father son team of Stefan and Konstantin Houbtchev coach each other though their matches. Konstantin was playing in the 4.5 draw and Stefan was in the 4.0 draw. Stefan continues to show how mature he is despite a tough 1st round loss to fellow WSF player Jeff Casey to recover to win the 4.0 consultation draw. Although Konstantin enjoys Stefan’s coaching he sometimes feels that Stefan should take his own advice.

5.5 Division Champion Mark Eugeni
5.5 Division Consultation Champion Kevin Furmanek
5.0 Division Champion Mike Twiner
4.5 Division Champion Shaun Guay
4.5 Division Consultation Champion David Guthrie
4.0 Division Consultation Champion Stefan Houbtchev

B Doubles Champions Shaun Guay/ Gerry Guay