Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Nick Matthew/Ryan Cuskelly Exhibition

     Tuesday night Windsor Squash and Fitness was treated to the best squash it has ever seen (other than Wednesday nights Wilbur vs. Leavitt) as Nick Matthew (#3 in world) and Ryan Cuskelly (#16) came to town.  The evening started off with Nick and Ryan working with the juniors and discussing their favourite shots.  Then it was onto the court to work on those favourite shots.  Nick and Ryan helped feed and offer advice.
      After drilling for a bit, games of cutthroat began with Ryan and Nick mixing in.  All the juniors got an opportunity to rally with each of the guys.  Maxi took full advantage of this when he taxied Nick on a beautiful crosscourt.  It was great to see Ryan and Nick having so much fun with the juniors.  Graeme noted that it was the most intensity he has seen from them in a while.  
      Soon the sponsors arrived to play their games against the pros.  Darin Peterson, Derek Moore (London), Ty Stacyszyn, Amin and Sara Khan all got the opportunity to take on Nick Matthew.  Hannah Guthrie (courtesy of David Scarfone), Peter Urdell (London), Jody Brown and Mark Eugeni all took on Ryan.  While there were many entertaining rallies by all, it is safe to say that Ryan and Nick's world rankings are safe for now.
      After that it was time for the big event of the night.  Ryan vs. Nick.  We had a packed house and there was no extra viewing space at all.  The match had great rallies with amazing nicks and trick shots.  However, the players encountered something they have probably never seen before.... a streaker.  Yes, one unnamed Chatham individual decided that the match wasn't entertaining enough so he stripped down to his skivvies and streaked on the court.  No attempt was made by security (or anyone else) to bring him down.  If you want to see the full, unedited video you need to follow us on Twitter (@wsfjuniorsquash).
     After the match both guys were kind enough to do a Q & A and sign autographs.  All in all it was a great night for Windsor Squash.   I have posted photos here and if you could, email me so I can add yours to our collection.  It would be nice to have a nice collection of photos from the night.  If not, follow us on Instagram (windsorsquashandfitness) or check out snapd windsor.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Gary Waite Tour- Windsor

Gary Waite Tour Winners
  On Sunday, 32 juniors from around Southwestern Ontario gathered to take part in the 4th stop on the Gary Waite Junior Tour.  The Gary Waite Junior Tour is designed for up and coming squash players to experience what squash tournaments are like and to get some competitive experience.  Most of our experienced juniors played on the Gary Waite Tour before moving on to the next level of tournaments.  On Sunday, there was much amazing play from the youngest (under 10) division to the oldest (over 14) division.  Sebastian Stojanov, the youngest competitor, hung tough with the older kids and showed much improvement in his game.  Colin Moore is becoming a tour veteran and his improved backhand was in fine form.  Dylan Charles proved that hockey doesn't throw off his squash game.   Most importantly is seemed that everyone had a great time.  Follow us on Twitter @WSFJuniorsquash and Instagram @windsorsquashandfitness

Over 14                                                    

Champion- Aparna Maheshwari (Windsor)
Runner-Up- Hunter Gowan (London)
Grinner- Colin Moore (Windsor)


Champion- Sujai Shah (London)
Runner-Up- Rajan Sandhu (Windsor)
Grinner- Emily Guthrie (Windsor)

Under 11                                                    

Champion- Carter Furmanek (Windsor)
Runner-Up- Subhan Shabaz (Windsor)
Consolation- Serena Marcon Windsor)


Sunday, January 3, 2016

UK Racquetball/ David Morrish

Saturday was a busy day at the club.  For starters it was our new assistant pro, David Morrish's first day at work.  And what a tough first day it was.  At noon it was "Bring a Friend" Day to squash and apparently our juniors have many friends.  Over 30 newcomers came out to try the game and a number of them immediately signed on to play more.
     Immediately after that, over 20 adults members came out to experience UK racquetball.  For those of you that don't know, UK racquetball is very much like squash only you play with a racquetball and racquetball racquets.  You wouldn't think that is would be that much different but surprisingly it was.  This is a great game for anyone looking to continue playing squash but not at as a physically demanding level.  The other great thing about UK racquetball is that players of two vastly different squash
abilities can still be competitive with each other.  In the end, Andrew Little walked away with a new UK Racquetball racquet.  Thanks to Dave for showing us this game.
    Be sure to stop by and say hi to Dave when you are in.