Friday, November 26, 2010

Winter Squash League 2011

Fall Squash League Is Almost Over - Time To Sign Up Winter Squash League

Winter Squash League Starts January 11/2011 - Don't Miss Out
New Feature to the League - 10 Players Per Division
9 Weeks of Play + 1 Week for Make Up Matches
Deadline to Sign Up January 5th/2011- Don't Wait Until The Last Moment To Sign Up!!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

MSRA City A, B and C Doubles Tournament

December 17 - 19 at the DAC
This Tournament is Open to all MSRA Members

Contact: John Dunwoody to Sign Up
Deadline is Friday, Dec 11 at 5:00pm

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Importance Of A Good Serve

START TO WIN: THE SERVE. The point starts with a serve; it continues into a rally for position; and then either you or your opponent finishes the point with a winner or a mistake. Let's discuss how you should start a point.The point starts with a serve. This makes the serve important, but many squash players focus on the wrong aspect of the serve. I have seen players try to get their serves tighter and tighter. But, you should know that developing an ace serve is a waste of time. A good serve should be hit close to the walls to restrict your opponent's swing. That is all. Nowhere will you find that you need to develop a service ace. You should concentrate more on your opponent's return. You need to differentiate a rail return from a crosscourt or a drop. What I'm getting at, is that, squash serves don't count as much as reading your opponent's return of serve and the way you prepare for the return.The best way to prepare for a service return is to get in the crouch position. Get ready to pounce on the ball and make sure your opponent sees this.It'll add mental pressure to his or her return. Mental pressure works best when your opponent sees you hovering on the "T" in the crouch position right after a tight serve. Try it!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

2010 Fall Down Classic Results

Singles Winners
A Draw - Ryan Herden (London, Ont)
B Draw - Megan McEachern (Windsor, Ont)
C Draw - David Mill (Windsor, Ont)
Womens - Joyce Bennette (Windsor, Ont)\
Doubles Winners
A Doubles - R. Doherty/ Osbourne (London, Ont)
B Doubles - K. Parent/ J. Dunwoody (Windsor, Ont/ Detroit, Mich)
Mixed Doubles -M.McEachern/ M. Jarvis (Windsor, Ont/ London, Ont)