Sunday, May 16, 2010

2010 Club Championships - Draws - Updated June 15/10

2010 Club Championships - Draws - Updated June 29/10

The Attached Files are the Draw Sheets. Please Review Them
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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2010 Spring Squash A League - Week 3 Summary

Week Three of the Spring Squash League was like an episode from the Twilight Zone. Strange things were happening all over the place. Many of the matches had unexpected twists and bizarre occurrences. I felt like I was hallucinating while watching some of these matches.

The 1st unexpected twist of my Twilight Zone night at WSF was the match between Tom “The Intimidator” Porter and Shaun “The Franchise” Guay. One would have expected that Guay would control the flow the game with long rallies that would wear down the older Porter. This was clearly not the case. Porter looked like the younger player. He was flying all over the court forcing Guay under pressure. As a result, Guay struggled to find his Mojo and made too many unforced errors. When Guay started to show some signs of life, Porter would shorten the rallies to 3 shots and fire a winner right above the tin. After the match Guay said things would be different when he was done focusing on his final exams.

Dave “Yo Bro” Bshouty is clearly becoming a solid squash player, although he played victim last night to Rod “Rocket” Larson’s favorite trick. Larson’s patent trick is to make it look like he is suffering on the court and in between games has this glossy look on his face that stares off into space giving the appearance that he is on the verge of a heart attack. Bshouty handly won the 1st game and thought he was on his way to an easy victory after getting a glimpse of Larson’s face after the 1st game. That was a critical mistake because Larson is a grinder and will work you over with his long wing span and rallies. This play clearly frustrated Bshouty or in the Twilight Zone as he thought that Larson was dead. As a result, Bshouty made too many mistakes and lost the match in 4 games. After the match Larson questioned Bshouty’s choice of a coach.

The Marquis Match Up of the night was between Mitch “Court 1” Kosovitch and Mike “Muscle Shirt” Wilbur. Wilbur was looking to avenge his fifth game loss to Rob “The Enforcer” Griffith last week. Before the match, Wilbur wanted to throw Kosovitch off his game by telling him all the courts were booked except Court 5. Everyone knows that Kosovitch loves to play under the spotlight of court 1 because it brings out his best game. Wilbur’s trick seemed to work as he dominated the play on Court 5 and everything was going his way. Kosovitch did not have an answer for Wilbur’s strong play. With this play Wilbur cruised to an easy 2 games to none and was leading 8 – 3 in the third when Kosovitch woke up from his Twilight Zone experience. As a result Kosovitch came back from the dead and won the third game and rallied to win the forth. With all the momentum going into the fifth game Kosovitch pulled off the shocking comeback by winning the fifth. After the match Kosovitch said he never knew Court 5 existed before last nights match and looked forward to playing on it again.

Total Matches Schedule 20
Total Matches Played 14
Percentage of Matches Played On Time 70%

Thursday, May 6, 2010

2010 Spring Squash A League - Week 2 Summary

Some of best games in league action were played on Monday Night. Unfortunately many people were not around to watch these matches. There were a couple of epic five game matches. And I assure you the squash action was great and was a blast to watch.

Rob “The Enforcer” Griffith has been quietly regaining his squash form with the help of WSF’s squash guru Zaman. Griffith’s opponent on Monday night was Mike “Muscle Shirt” Wilbur. Wilbur was caught off guard by Griffith’s quickness and ability to dig shots out the corners. Griffith was speedy to build up a 2 game lead before Wilbur woke up. At which point Wilbur rolled up his sleeves or lack of sleeves and flexed his muscles to draw even. In the fifth game, Griffith regained his composure and returned to playing smart squash. Griffith’s shots in the fifth were tight and deep in the corner to which Wilbur had no answer. Watch out A2, Griffith is going to be tough to beat.

Over on Court 1 another epic match was being played between Andrew “Beavis from Beavis and Butthead” Caille and Tom “The Intimidator” Porter. Caille seemed to be cruising along in the match winning the 1st two games. Then the bottom fell out for Caille as Porter launched a fierce comeback and forced a fifth game. Caille blamed Porter’s comeback on the fact that the strings broke on his racquet and he was struggling to adjust to his new racquet. Once Caille stopped blaming his racquet for his poor play he returned to the dominate form that he displayed in the 1st two games and prevailed in the game 5.

Chris “The Menace” Campeau is coming off some tough injures that forced him to withdraw from the Winter Squash League and has returned to the Spring League looking for some redemption. On Monday, his unfortunate victim was Wayne “The Rookie” Richards. Richards has been playing strong since coming over from the Caboto Club but he ran into a freight train on Monday. Campeau worked Richards into the corner and never let him out. As well Campeau’s long wing span plagued Richard as Campeau was too difficult to get off the “T”. After the match Richard’s warned Campeau that things would be different the next time they played.

Total Matches Schedule 20
Total Matches Played 7
Percentage of Matches Played On Time 35%

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Club Championships

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