Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Monthly Posting Of Ladder Rankings - As Of Dec 30/09

Online Ladder Standing As Of Dec 30/09.
As the Decade Comes to a Close this is the Current Standing From WSF Squash Ladder.

1) Kevin Furmanek
2) Tom Porter
3) Steve DeMarco
4)David Guthrie
5)dean lansens
6)Rod Larson
7)Mike Wilbur
8)Nick Dimitrijevic
9)Andrew Caille
10)Paul Gebrael
11)Joe Lepera
12)Mark Della Valle
13)Jamie Mingay
14)Bharat Maheshwari
15)Paul Tonon
16)Brian Porter
17)Todd Brancaccio
18)Jeff Brosseau
19)abdul khan
20)Barry Leavitt
21)Greg Deeg
22)Scott Preston
23)Justin Warnock
24)David Bareich
25)Anis khan
26)Wayne Carroll
27)jeff patterson
28)rudy wey
29)Tim Autterson
30)Prab Agarwalla
31)pat baillargeon
32)doug fields
33)Collin Bateman
34)Krista Leslie
35)Guy Hallifax
36)Leni Amir Lebherz
Kevin Furmanek Finishes as Number One despite only playing TWO MATCH?!?
So Far The Ladder has had 71 Challenges and 36 players
Go to and Sign Up Today. We need someone to Challenge Furmanek. Mike Connelly, Mike Twiner, Justin Warnock, Sean Horton and Dan VanMorrsel where are you? We Need Your Help!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter Doubles League

Doubles Squash League was Very Successful in the Fall Squash League!!!!
Don't Miss Out!!
Sign Up Deadline Jan 25/10

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DAC Classic

The prestigious DAC Squash Classic is coming up February 4-7, 2010. This Tournament is probable the best weekend event for squash anywhere. Except for WSF's Tournaments. There will be plenty of Beer, Food, Beer and Squash. Don't miss out!!! Help Support this great event! Mick Joint is now take registrations. Entry deadline is January 22. For Full Details check out

Monday, December 21, 2009

Great Sale - At WSF

Looking For the Perfect Christmas Gift?
Black Knight 7330 Conquest - Sharif Khan autograph for $99.00
Designed in cooperation with Sharif Khan, 12 time North American champion, this autograph model features premium materials, a very large sweetspot augmented and head light balance for an easy swing.
Also the racquet of choice for Steve Demarco and James Asher.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gary Waite Junior Squash Tour - Windsor Tour Stop

On Sunday December 13/09, thirty-four of the best junior squash players in southwestern Ontario were in action at WSF as the Gary Waite Junior Squash Tour made its Windsor stop. The Gary Waite Junior Squash Tour is a series of five one-day tournaments hosted by squash clubs in southwestern Ontario. Named in honour of Sarnia's Gary Waite, a former world squash champion, the inaugural tour is proving to be a success in developing the next generation of squash players in this region.
In the 13-and-under division, Ross Ferguson of London defeated Laura Drope of Sarnia to claim the title. Ferguson is a repeated champion as he won the tour's Sarnia event on November 22/09. Colin Curran of Windsor emerged victorious over Sarnia's Thomas Valade in a tight match to take 3rd Place. In the Bronze final, Olivia Waite of Toronto won a close match over Amin Khan of Windsor. Khan had earlier played a hard-fought match with A.J. Greuning of Windsor to make the consolation final.
The 14-and-over division Winner Jakes Stables of London defeated David Mill of Windsor in the finals. Daniel Merlano of Sarnia defeated Nicola Crich of London to take third place. The Bronze final was won by Allison Sparham of Sarnia.
Other WSF Juniors in the field included Myles Mayer, Mitchell Deehan and Berto Mill.
The next event is in Clinton on Jan 17/10.

Fall Squash League Award Winners

The results are in!!!!!

A League - Team Champions - The Unsquashables - 406pts!!!
They won with strong performance by Ron Funkenhasuer 52pts, Mike Connolly 47pts and Stefan Houbtchev 48pts. No other team came close to the Unsquashables as they led for Week One and never looked back.

B League - Team Champions - Team #3 - 272pts!!!
Despite not having a team name they had solid performances by Phil Fernandes 47pts, Brad Lowery 39pts, and Barry Garant 39pts. Team #3 won easliy by 31pts. Nice Job.

Top Point Accumlator - Kevin Furmanek - 59pts!!!!
Kevin destroyed all the competition and did it playing in A1A.

Most Improved Player - Stefan Houbtchev - 48pts.
Stefan continued to improve as he won all his matches in A6A and A5B.

Ray Weldon Award "Sportsmanship"- Phil Blagdurn -
Phil was always a gentleman on the court and 1st to buy beer off the court

Rookie Of The League - Ryan Garant - 48pts
Ryan trashed the competition in B3A by not losing a game.

Best Team Name - The Unsquashables

Please see me to claim your prize. As well now would be a good time to sign up for the Winter Squash League.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Junior Squash During the Holidays

This a great chance for your Children to burn off that Christmas Turkey and get the New Year started off right. This clinic is intended for all juniors regardless of skill level. Fun Games, Drills, Matches and Doubles!!!!! Don't let your child miss out on a chance to train with Mark Porter.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Fall 2009 Squash League Voting Results

The Votes are in from the The Fall 2009 Squash League.

The Winners are: Ray Weldon Award (Sportsmanship) Phil Blagdurn with 38% of the Votes
Most Improved : Stefan Houbtchev with 39% of the Votes
Best Team Name : Tie between The Unsquashables and Mitch and the Jets
Since we have a tie we will have a run off vote. Voting will go until Friday December 11/09

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Squash Tips!!!!

Play and practice regularly, not sporadically. Playing or practicing once a week can help you improve. Playing or practicing three times a week, or every other day, will help you improve much more quickly.

Keep learning and set goals for improvement. You can always get better at squash since it is a very deep game. Set yourself some challenging goals, and then define some achievable milestones along the way to your goals.