Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tip of the month

ip of the month  THE GRIP  for some reason this was missing from the last email!

This month I want to talk about the grip.  I spoke about this many moons ago and just recently in my coaching and play I have gone back to basics.  For me the grip is what connects the racket to the rest of your body and you need an appropriate grip to allow your racket to become part of you rather than something that is simply stuck on the end of your hand.

The grip is what gives us control over the racket face and allows us to control the height/pace/spin and direction of the ball.  Like with anything it takes time to master but I promise if you improve the way you hold the racket you will improve the way you move, the accuracy of your shots, increase your options and also get tired less!!

Movement:  When we walk and run in a natural, relaxed way the momentum from our feet on the ground moves up the body and into the arms.  This results in a rhythmical swinging of the arms.  If you clench your fists or carry a heavy weight in your hands you reduce this arm swing due to tension in the muscles.  If your grip is relaxed then when you move around a squash court you will be able to use this momentum from the floor to help prepare your racket effortlessly and create a better al round flow.  If your grip is tight then you will dampen this momentum meaning you arm is working in isolation every time you prepare to hit.  

Accuracy:  The correct grip will allow you to be more accurate in all the shots that you play as well as open up new shots into your game.  If you are holding the racket correctly your fingers will be the main contact point and this will enable more touch and feel.  You will be able to add more tension when needed as well as manipulate the racket face more when  hitting the ball.  Here is a great video explaining the grip in more detail.


As always fee free to grab me around the club to go over this further.

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