Monday, May 29, 2017

Club Championships

    You may, or may not, know that the 2017 Club Championships has been taking place over the past 3 weeks.  Players scheduled matches on their own until, or if, they reached the semis.  At which point they were all played on Sunday.  Sunday's matches all lived up to expectations.   Competition was intense and there were no easy points.
      Newcomer Sahil Khan edged out Darren Brown in an intense C final.  The B division was dominated by juniors as Jagroop Bhangoo and Sara Khan met each other in the finals.  Sara was just dominate as she kept Jagroop under pressure and forced him into too many errors.  The A final saw perennial finalist Paul Gabreal vs Kevin Furmanek.  Both players had to defeat juniors in the semis to make it to the finals.  The rallies were long and both players were moved each other all around the court.  Unforced errors down the stretch by Paul allowed Kevin to sneak out the 4th game and a 3-1 win.  The Women's draw was also dominated by juniors.  Hannah Guthrie and Sara Khan met each other in the finals.  Sara continued her Sunday dominance with a solid 3-0 victory.  Al Valente was able to edge out Dean Lansens in the 40+ finals.   
     In the B doubles draw, Amin Khan and Ryan Guthrie met the tough family team of Nagy/Nagy.   The match had many long rallies but in the end Khan/Guthrie ended with Nagy reign with 3-1 victory.  The mixed doubles draw was won by Grace Kim and Dan Petoran over Porter/Porter.  Something tells me they will have a hard time defending that championship next year.  A doubles is to be decided on another date.  Complete draws can be found here
     All in all it was a great day of squash and thank you to Carrie Furmanek for the barbeque and baked goods.  Until next year.  

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  1. i don't follow much of the professional squash but i do however, love to play it. Its one of my favourite sports. But thanks for updating us on the matter.