Monday, June 26, 2017

End of Season Junior Party

Aaron Nagy (winner), Kabir Bhangoo (finalist)
     On Saturday Graeme & Dave hosted the year end junior squash party.  60 players showed up for the festivities.  The afternoon started off with the Club Championship junior final between Kabir Bhangoo and Aaron Nagy.  The match lived up to expectations.  Both players began attacking and retrieving right out of the gate.  Too many mistakes by Kabir led to a Game 1 win for Aaron.  Aaron came out attacking in game 2 and Kabir could not respond.  Kabir finally his groove in Game 3 and turned the tables on Aaron as Aaron was the one making uncharacteristic errors.  Game 4 was all Aaron.  He came out attacking and Kabir had no answer.  Congratulations to Aaron for his second Club Championship win!
    After the match Graeme & Dave moved on to end of year awards.  Male Player of the Year in the Development group went to Jacob Bhatti.  Jacob made great strides to improve his game this year.  He was frustrated with losing so often that he sought out assistance to make his game better.  He has worked very hard and is now on a 4 week winning streak!  The Female Player of the Year in the Development group went to a relative newcomer, Lena Ferrante .  Although she may be a newcomer she has squash in her blood as she is cousins with Mackenzie Elliott.  Lena works hard every lesson and never complains about how hard the work is.

Lena Ferrante, Serena Marcon, Nathan Brockenshire, Jacob Bhatti
   In the Performance group Male Player of the Year is Nathan Brockenshire.  Nathan has completely embraced the struggle.  He works hard every lesson, comes out and solo hits, seeks advice from the coaches and heeds that advice.  Nathan has also spearheaded the Squash Skills campaign for our club.  The Female Player of the Year in the Performance group is Serena Marcon.  Serena is a talented multi-sport athlete that is improving by leaps and bounds.  Serena takes the game serious and is always working to get better.  Well done award winners!!!
     Since this is the last session of the year, we are saying goodbye to some of our juniors as they graduate high school and move on to other things.  Colin Moore (moving to British Columbia), Berto Mill (football at Western), Kabir Bhangoo (Ottawa University and hopefully starting up a squash team), Gina Marinelli (St. Clair College for Accounting),  Ryan Guthrie (St. Clair College for Graphic Design).  One of the goals of the Junior Committee is to provide our graduating juniors with an educational bursary.  The committee is proud to say that this is the second year that we have been able to honour this.  Of course, doing things like this would not be possible without the incredible support of the members.
Gina, Berto, Colin, Kabir, Ryan
     After awards it was an afternoon full of fun games put on by the older players.  Thanks to Carrie Furmanek for organizing the food for the afternoon.  Pictures of the day can be found here.  If yours son/daughter is interested in enrolling in the fall clinics, you can download sign up forms here.  If you are interested in any of the camps, they can be found here.  


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